Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, September 29, 2019

By the shores of Gitchi Gami...(lots of photos)

...from which we have just returned...a week on the North Shore of Lake Superior...

It is impossible to take it all in - this vast body of water “The Shining-Big-Sea-Water” from The Song of Hiawatha...
Along with our Dave and Jena, the four of us tried to see as much as possible in a much too short amount of time...Grand Marais was our base of operation...
The beautifully reconstructed North West Company Fort - Grand Portage National Monument which served as an important partnership with the fur trade activity and the Anishinaabeg Ojibwe culture. 

The interior of the main building was well-appointed with furnishings appropriate to the time period (and the room had a smokey fragrance from a recent warming fire) - china and glassware as well as Native American artifacts. On display is a journal from 1788 - gorgeous condition!

Outside, a replica of a Montreal canoe which was used to bring beaver pelts and supplies along the lake in the Spring after the ice went out...these canoes could be as long as 36 feet.

We enjoyed pleasant walks along the wooded trails - the scent of evergreen and falling leaves filling the air...
A visit to Split Rock Lighthouse is an absolute must! Take the guided tour (ask for Geri - she is so knowledgeable!) - 

The eight month long assignment for 3 lighthouse keepers and their families would have been a challenge as all necessities had to be delivered by ship.
(Highway access was not opened until 1926 - the lighthouse was completed in 1910 with literally everything needed to build both it and the houses, hauled up the side of the cliff from the water below - machinery, mechanisms, bricks, all equipment - and yes, quilts and a Singer sewing machine!)

But wear your comfy walking shoes - lots of steps!! So worth the effort to capture this view from the shore line...

We enjoyed sampling the local restaurants where every meal contained locally sourced produce...and of course morning treats of The World’s Best about a maple bacon long john, anyone?

A special treat from my dear daughter-in-law - an afternoon tea at the Naniboujou peacefully quiet...with views of the Lake...

This Lodge was built in the 1920’s and catered to the wealthy and numerous celebrities such as Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey. The Great Depression seriously impacted its later success but today the lodge is doing well and the large dining room is over the top with color and design...Naniboujou is a Cree Spirit of the Woods and the painted ceilings reflect their culture. It is spectacular!

Hope you enjoyed my little travel log - we were on the go continually and by the end of the day back in the RV, with all the fresh air and walking, it was difficult to stay awake - but I did manage to prep all the 8 pointed stars needed for my project...

So that is about it for now...more adventures to come next week as I prepare to travel Across The Pond to England and Wales with 3 of my quilting friends...a dream trip of 25+ years is on the horizon...

I leave you with these lines from The Song Of Hiawatha - so relevant to us after spending time savoring the rocky shores and woods...

" O my children ! my poor children ! 
Listen to the words of wisdom, 
Listen to the words of warning, 
From the lips of the Great Spirit, 
From the Master of Life, who made you ! 

" I have given you lands to hunt in, 
I have given you streams to fish in, 
I have given you bear and bison, 
I have given you roe and reindeer, 
I have given you brant and beaver, 
Filled the marshes full of wild-fowl, 
Filled the rivers full of fishes ; 
Why then are you not contented ? 
Why then will you hunt each other ? 

" I am weary of your quarrels, 
Weary of your wars and bloodshed, 
Weary of your prayers for vengeance, 
Of your wranglings and dissensions ; 
All your strength is in your union, 
All your danger is in discord ; 

Happy stitching and be sure to make your own adventures on our planet...


  1. It looks like a beautiful and very interesting place to visit. The food sure looks yummy! A few hand stitches at the end of the day are so relaxing.

  2. Beautiful photos and eternal words. A lovely post.

  3. Having grown up in Michigan I never made it to the UP, let alone the Northside of Lake Superior. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful photos of your experiences. What a beautiful lighthouse and the lodge is gorgeous. Then I'm so excited about your upcoming trip!!! You're going to have an awesome time. We'll all be waiting to hear about those adventures. Have fun!

  4. How very scenic. All those steps would do me in. My grandmother used to live in a house that had 97 steps going up a steep hill.

  5. You have sent the travel bug to bite me!! Loved seeing all of your Michigan adventures, and seeing things from a quilter's perspective. I look forward to your British Isles adventures. I dream of going there someday!

  6. I live in Michigan and have never been there. I may have to rectify that; and it's good to see you found some time to prep some blocks. jealous am I about your upcoming trip?!!


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