Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Brimfield Awakening quilt...revisited

Always a nice feeling to check off another quilt that is completed...this one from 2018 (though I mislabeled it as 2019!) when Paper introduced the Brimfield Awakening project and a Facebook group was started. Doing EPP’ing is one of my favorite ways to work on a quilt block and there was just enough (I mean...just enough) of a background fabric and border fabric which was begging to be put to use.

Once the quilt top was completed, I layered it and started marking it with intentions of hand quilting. It soon became apparent that my hands were not up to the task. The quilt sandwich was folded and put away in a basket where it sat for a year+. This winter, it nagged at I removed all the basting stitches, got rid of the wash out markings (thankfully), repressed it and hung it on a large drapery hanger. Fast forward to earlier this month when my friend, Jan (and travel buddy - Italy and the UK) loaded it onto her Long Arm and worked her stitching magic. Love the quilting design she did - those feather borders turned out so well...

Back to our Brimfield Facebook group...Paper Pieces provided a downloadable pattern for us - “Baby Brimfield” - so I used it to stitch a label for the back. Really like the small scale of it, but not sure I could do a whole quilt in that size! 

Here at the edge of the Northwoods, we have alternated with summer-like temps to frosty nights...making gardening a challenge as always. But for some reason, which I am not going to complain about...everything planted in the raised beds has been thriving. The summer of 2019 - I lost count of how many times peas and cucumbers were replanted. This year - the total opposite and I could not be happier! So here we are - ready to enter the glorious month of June and I am able to keep up with outdoor tasks - a first! But this 76 year old body can feel the end of the day, with needle in hand, it is hard to stay awake while stitching on the Rowdy Flat...the last of the 5 applique blocks is done...

And now starting on the first border which consists of many flower pots - the pieces feel huge compared to the tiny ones in the earlier blocks, especially 
the little bugs. But I can see all ready more bugs to come as they march along between the flower pots...oh well...all in good time.

For now, still practicing social distancing, wearing a mask and missing all the quilt-related events. Our guild has decided to not meet until September at the earliest - it is hard not to see quilting sisters on a regular basis. 

For me, “gardening is therapy and you get tomatoes.” Keep up your stitching and you get quilts...

Be well everyone.



  1. What a wonderful finish. The machine quilting that your friend did is lovely and fits the style of the quilt beautifully. Besides it's a good feeling to cross something off your list. We don't do much gardening except a few tomato plants and plenty of basil. There are always lots of things to keep us busy.

  2. Pat, did you hand piece the checkerboard blocks in the Rowdy Flats quilt? They are beautiful......of course the appliqué ones are too. But the precision of all those tiny squares really delights me! Carol in

  3. I know what you mean about missing your guild friends. Our last meeting was just canceled. :( Makes me so sad. As charity chairman though I have put it out there that if anyone is interested on a certain date, they can come to my house and pick up a charity kit (social distancing outside). So we will see. Your quilts are lovely. Glad to see that you too are getting things completed. Its a good feeling. I am making quite the dent in my quilting as well. I understand about this weather we are having as well. Being in MI we are probably having about the same type of weather. It's hard to figure out how to dress from day to day or hour to hour. Well, thank you for sharing your lovely quilts. Stay safe and healthy.

  4. Such a beautiful quilt. Your longarm quilter did do a wonderful job and we can't hand quilt them all!

  5. Your Brimfield Awakening quilt is just lovely! Wonderful fabric selections, glad you had enough. And your Rowdy Flat applique is beautiful. So glad your garden is doing well. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

  6. I really love this quilt--earthy colors and a unique, eye-pleasing design. Nicely quilted, too.
    Your Rowdy Flat work is gorgeous!
    I like to play in the dirt, but it seems to consume the time that I would usually get my quilting therapy (I don't love tomatoes). :)

  7. beautiful quilt and wonderful label! pretty flowers too

  8. Your quilt is beautiful! The quilting is fabulous. I also love your label. I also love going out and working in my gardens. I can only do a little at a time due to back problems. Enjoy the season! Hugs


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