Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Easing into Cheddar

Well, you know how it goes...a quilt you saw awhile back just keeps ticking away in the back of your mind. Maybe its the simple little piecing or maybe the combination of colors - but it just keeps ticking....

Last year when our quilt history study group visited the new Wisconsin Quilt Museum in Cedarburg, the main exhibit centered on quilts made with cheddar fabric. You can read about my 2 part posting here and here. I liked the simplicity of the small bed quilt in Part 1 and was drawn to the indigos & cheddar. (hope the links work for you - still getting to know the iPad and Blogsy) into a bit of mischief yesterday at our new LQS - Grant's March Quilting Merchantile (hereafter referred to as GMQM!) What do you think? I need to add a couple of muted woven plaids for the little 4 patch units in the nine patch blocks. But mostly ready to try out my new favorite color - cheddar. Might even throw in a dash of red and green as in the original???

When not working on The Wedding Quilt, slowly, the hand quilting continues on this - I am marking as I go - making things up along the way.....

With our cold nights and a cheery fire going, I don't mind having this huge project piled on my lap. Things are quietly busy here at Taylorsoutback as we enter into February - the pace of wedding arrangements is picking up with tent, tables & assorted other needs being locked in and reserved. Punxsutawney Phil says an early Spring - do you agree? Would be nice to get a headstart on outdoor chores leading up to June 1st - but after living in Wisconsin for 39 years, I am wise to any predictions - we have had snow and freezing in May.
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  1. Your cheddar fabric is a favorite of mine. One thing I like about it is that it is a little darker than most. Almost like a pumpkin pie color. Look forward to seeing your progress with these fabrics.
    Your hand quilting is beautiful. I can imagine you sitting by the fire busily quilting away!

  2. You paint a lovely picture of your hand quilting by the fire in the evening. I had a look back at the two posts and must say I like your colour choices. You are so gifted!

  3. looking forward to seeing that dreamy cheddar quilt unfold!

    The wedding quilt is going to be spectacular! I love seeing all those beautiful hand stitches you are quilting.

  4. lovely fabrics to go with a cheddar theme -
    your hand quilting looks beautiful! Isn't it wonderful to quilt by a fire?
    I hope Phil is right, it's been cold the last few days here in NJ

  5. Wishing the early spring predictions come true for the wedding. Your hand quilting is lovely. I think the cheddar color you chose is perfect to be dramatic.

  6. Early spring? No way. Another six weeks at least.

    Just as well you have such wonderful work to do. Those pieces really are gorgeous.

    A cheddar quilt? Cheddar is cheese, isn’t it?

  7. that is a beautiful quilt that you are working on hand quilting~!
    so happy to read that there are others who like to "make it up as they go along". it can be a fun way to add some subtle improvisational fun into a quilt.

    as for cheddar, i agree with you wisconsin gals: it's a neutral~!
    i've been giving a lot of time lately to daydreaming about making something with cheddar and indigos . . .
    but as the quilt show that your links took me to demonstrate, you really can't go wrong with a good piece of cheddar. (-;



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