Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Family Bethlehem Star quilt

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pieces - pieces everywhere....

Ever feel as though your life is in scattered pieces? At Taylorsoutback, our days continue much like that, but this post is about scattered quilting pieces. Leaving my Dad in the capable hands of Mr. Outback (I owe him big time!), I recently attended a 4 day quilting retreat. A group of us have gathered every Fall for so many years, we have lost count.

We drove down a quiet snow dusted road that led us to our was plentiful and a variety of beverages were available with the Pumpkin liqueur a favorite....we are not sure how it happened - she will remain anonymous :-) but never put lemonade in your steam iron !

For the first time my machine stayed home - taking only handwork seemed the easiest...

Hexies - 2" and triangles - pieces finally joined up together...need to remove the papers, quilt and bind - maybe in time for a Thanksgiving center piece?

And lots of putsy work but enjoyed getting back to Di Ford's Mystery quilt project - so far behind and any day the final installment will arrive!

Even had time to do some hand quilting on the Cherry Tree quilt - and use the big floor space to spread it out and check progress...

With the early arrival of cold weather and a foot of snow, having this huge quilt to work on seems more doable...

So those are the pieces in my life - mostly scattered - mostly not joined to make a whole but I just keep working on by day.

Wishing each of you time to stitch your pieces together...








  1. Sometimes it is nice to just do handwork and not have to tote a bunch of gear. : )
    That would make a nice Thanksgiving topper.
    The Cherry Tree quilt is gorgeous. How much of it do you think you have left to quilt?

  2. All I can say is WOW, Pat! The cherry tree quilt is breathtaking! Your retreat sounded wonderful. Mr Outback sounds like a keeper and you deserved it! Keep doing stuff for yourself and Mr. Outback. The winter looks like a really long one for you! xo

  3. Yes, I often feel my life is in scattered pieces (My stitch room looks like someone set off a bomb). With cold weather maybe it will give us an opportunity to get some of the pieces of our life together

  4. Anytime you can get together with friends and quilt is a good time especially when you have a little story about lemonade to tell for years to come.

  5. Sounds like a great retreat - pumpkin liqueur - yum!
    your hand projects look like fun.
    Your Cherry Tree quilt is looking so beautiful! Hooray for hand quilting!!

  6. Dear Pat,

    I have been bad about visiting and I've missed you.

    I LOVE the photo of the pumpkins with snow on them. That is something I've never seen. But, I must say that I hooted when I read, "Never put lemonade in your steam iron." GREAT WISDOM. Must've been the pumpkin liqueur!


  7. So glad you could take a break and get away. Such beautiful projects. This is perfect hand quilting weather.


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