Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Little accomplishments...

Sometimes it feels like you don't get much done when deep in challenging times....but then little things pop up - and you realize - now, I did finish that afterall...

Our Thanksgiving turkey dinner did get prepared and enjoyed - a day early, so time could be spent visiting Mom onThanksgiving Day. Another sewing room bin got sorted and ready for disposal, a few kitchen drawers got cleaned out and a jumble of canning jars are now organized in the basement. Little things but accomplished...

I never did share 3 earlier projects made back in September - 2 purses made - 1 for our dear DIL, Jena. She chose the batiks at The Quilted Raven in Anchorage when we were there visiting this summer.

And the same style purse for me - both using Texture Magic on the over flap areas ...I found my fabric at Bears Paw Quilt Shop in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Like the tiny bear paw print for the lining. Remembering where you found the fabrics as you travelled always adds a special touch to a project, don't you think?

And this little tablerunner for Jena - she was able to pack both the purse and the tablerunner in her luggage when she returned to Alaska after a much too short visit.... she has used it during the weeks of Fall on their dining room table.

My last little accomplishment is made of 2" hexies and is now in place on our dining room table...

As we head into the next few weeks of more holiday preparations, I wish each of you time for accomplishments - big or small.










  1. Small accomplishments are good. Remember to take time for yourself during this time of caring for your parents.
    Love your hexie mat.
    Hugs and Cheer to you.

  2. All of those small steps do add up. The purses you made are the perfect memory of your trip this summer. I'm always struck by the fact that bags and purses take so much time. You did great.

  3. I agree that small accomplishments can lift the soul especially when you feel that you aren't getting anything big done. Your projects look great. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and hope the upcoming holidays are enjoyable, too. Take care.

  4. When you put it all together like this, you have accomplished a lot!
    Really nice bags!
    I especially like the way your diamond shaped table topper turned out!

  5. We can all be too hard on ourselves.....little accomplishments should be celebrated as well. The purses are lovely, so nice to make a gift when they have chosen the fabric. X

  6. Love to see your sewing projects and for once my fingers are not under attack and I haven't been able to stitch! :( Maybe after the holidays are over and haven't they come fast! Think of you often. xoxo

  7. I love the purses and the tablerunner!
    And there is still quite a lot of work in those things, so they are not that small!


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