Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Long, long ago....

.....and far away, we lived in southern Virginia, just a short distance from the Colonial Williamsburg area. It was B.Q. - before I fell in love with all things quilting. The architecture and furniture drew my attention. How could I have been so unaware of the extensive quilt collection that existed there?

Check out the gorgeous new publication - Four Centuries of Quilts - The Colonial Williamsburg Collection. "Almost" as good as being there! Beautiful photography and extensive historic reading material...a book to cherish and curl up with next to this coming winter's warming fires. No tricks for this kid - just a total treat!

(PS - I ordered it through Amazon at a very nice savings!)


The days continue stress-filled at Mom's recovery is slow and caring for my Dad is full time. We run daily to the nursing home and it is taking its toll on all of us. Stitching time is precious and takes place late at night when the house has grown quiet. It took awhile, but just caught up on the last 3 Benjamin Biggs blocks -

August block
September block
October block

Ready for November's offering...



  1. Nice to see your post and hear your recommendation on a the Williamsburg Quilt book.

  2. OK, I could have resisted from the cover, but those pictures from inside? Forget it, it's on my Must Have list now! Thanks for the heads up on this book.

  3. Looks like a great book and I will have to add it to my growing wishlist. : )
    So sorry about the challenges you are facing. Caring for elderly parents is something with which I am very familiar. I wish you the best!

  4. I know what I want for Christmas!!
    looks like an awesome book.
    Your BB blocks look great, I love your background

  5. The September block of the Biggs quilt is very well done. I like how you fussy cut the bigger floral print for the flowers. Well, all your blocks are well done but this one caught my eye.

  6. Thanks for sharing the book with us. I will have to get one for sure.
    Love your blocks. Beautiful applique.
    Caring for our elderly parents is wearing and stressful. While caring for my mother I thought of how she cared for me from birth. That helped me through. Be sure to take time for yourself though. Even if it is only 5 minutes. Hugs to you and your family.

  7. Your BB blocks re just lovely. I love the fabrics you are using.
    Thanks for the information about the book and hoping your Mom’s recovery is going well.

  8. I knew there was another reason we got along, Colonial Williamsburg! The national herb society meeting is in Williamsburg next year and my friend and I already have a room. We are ready! Just remember to take care of you and Mr. Outback in all of this care for your parents! A big hug and kiss from me to you!

  9. I love your Ben Biggs blocks! They all turned out stunning!
    Thanks for sharing that wonderful book with us. Will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  10. It is a great book I agree :-)
    Hope you take care of yourself too with all that is on your plate. Good you have some stitching time!

  11. lovely blocks.
    hope your mother is much better and others stresses are melting away. sewing helps in times like these.


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