Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Special Quilt

During the last few months, I have shared our journey to Alaska and visiting with our son who lives in Wasilla. I also may have mentioned just a "few" times about Jena, who made the trip with us and now has become a special part of our family - it has been a joy to watch the happiness grow between Dave & Jena. They are fun to be around and we missed them so much this Christmas. Through the wonders of Skype, we were able to connect up with them Christmas morning and had the opportunity of watching Jena open her present from us.
One of her favorite colors is yellow, so it was easy to decide on a classic basket quilt pattern using a soft, buttery yellow print.
There is a long arm quilter living nearby who I have been working with on the last couple of projects and I was delighted, once again, with her quality of machine quilting and design suggestions. The feathered wreaths work so well in the alternating white blocks and that element is carried over onto the pieced baskets as well.
I used a Harriet Hargraves washable wool batt for warmth and textured loft.  There is such a feeling of contentment and joy when making a quilt for someone who is so dear. Jena really, really liked it!!!!

After experimenting around with the Blogger format, this post marks the first "official" change over from the old WordPress site. From now on, I will be posting under the new title "Thoughts From Taylorsoutback."
I will keep the old blog site available for now - The Journal of Taylorsoutback and there will be a link there to direct everyone to this new site. Hope that isn't confusing. If you have me listed on your own blog favorites - which I truly appreciate by the way! Can you add the new link to my Blogger site? Thank you!

This week will keep me busy in the sewing room...we had a very practical Christmas this year - Mr. Outback requested a new vise for his work bench & additional outdoor security lights. I received much needed new shelving and also additional track lighting in the sewing room. So, of course, that calls for major reorganizing & one thing leads to another...all the fabric is being sorted through and refolded. I figure that will take the most time! It is a total disaster! The fun part is getting reacquainted with forgotten pieces - either new and hidden or bits and pieces leftover from other projects. I promised myself, no new project starts until this room is brought up to speed - a good way to start the New Year.
My bout with the shingles seems to be fading - not taking the pain meds anymore and no new episodes...just left with an ongoing discomfort in the lower back if on my feet too long. That gives me the excuse to sit down in the evening and work on Block #3 of Beyond The Cherry Tree... Hope to post a picture of #2 & #3 completed later this week on the special blog that has been created for BTCT folks. The direct link is to the right on my sidebar. Be sure to check it out - it is amazing to see how everyone takes the same pattern and then puts their own interpretation to it...the color choices are so fun - from traditional to whimsical.

Have a good week, stay warm  tucked into your favorite chair - can you believe how much of the US is covered in snow right now?? If this is global warming, I might just start to question it??

 And - oh Happy Day - the 2011 Seed Catalogs have started to fill our mail box!!!!!!!



  1. Oh, this is gorgeous.

    I love these happy colors!

    I got my first seed catalog on Friday and I think I scared my husband when I squealed with delight!

    Hope your week after Christmas is filled with Happy and Merry!

  2. Love this new look and it's all sorted in my favourite blog list too... Welcome to Blogger, looking forward to keeping up with you in 2011...

  3. It sounds like you had a delightful holiday! Me too.

    Hope to see you soon. Chris

  4. The quilt is just beautiful. I know it will be treasured.
    I plan to do a lot of reorganizing too... just have to get all of the Christmas deco down first!
    Enjoy your week, Annette

  5. That quilt is really beautiful, Pat and I know that Jena will treasure it forever. The quilting is just perfect on it. I can't wait to get back into "my room". Another set of kids will be here for New Year's, so we are getting ready to start cooking again. Have a wonderful New Year. Come on over to and join the UFO challenge. Every journey begins with a single stitch. Judy C

  6. It's a sunny day up here - cold enough to freeze the water in the animals' buckets though.
    For purely selfish reasons, I'm glad you're on Blogger now - so much easier for me to follow you!Happy New Year, Pat!


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