Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Living within my harvest...

Years ago as the owner of a quilt shop, I shared the building with someone who started up her dream too...a shop devoted to quality cross stitching. Although independent of each other, we were a good fit and became friends. An open door connected the two shops and customers walked back and forth all the time. They would bring their specialty linens and flosses over to coordinate with yardage of my quilting cotton, turning their stitchery into a lovely pillow. (That open door came in handy one spooky evening towards closing time...3 young men of questionable non-quilting repute entered my shop "asking for directions." Rather, one did the talking while the other 2 "cased the joint." They left quickly when hearing voices coming from the open doorway - they had no clue we were connected and that I was not alone... But I digress...) Laura gave me a cute little cross stitch pillow one year which hangs on the closet door and its message really hit home during these last 4 days spent in my disaster zone of a sewing room.

 A before view....
And after....

The shelving width carries over to the left and right can't see it, but it is neat now!

The gift of new shelving and additional track lighting from Mr. Outback was the incentive to clean up my act. Compared to some of you, my sewing area is probably on the small size, so using that space wisely becomes an issue. Every piece of fabric, every spool of thread, needles, cutting tools, patterns and books were gone over - sorted out and reviewed. A couple of shopping bags are now ready to go to our local Neighbors Place as the call went out for any fabric or would take me 5 lifetimes to use up all the quilting betweens I had stashed away. The problem with a storage closet is that it becomes a resting place for "I will think about that later" projects - stuff goes in, other stuff gets piled on top and before you know it - all is forgotten - RIP...

Well, let me tell you, dear readers, having open shelves can sure be an eye opener.  Now my new area displays things in my face that just can't be ignore. See all those containers? (There are also 2 large bins stacked on the floor - out of sight...I will deal with those later!!)

Each one contains the where-with-all to make a quilt or one project all ready started. And you know what? I am still excited about each and every one! My beautiful Canadian Cottage fabric for a Delectable Mountains, the Settlers Path pattern and the background - craving the idea of cutting those tiny little squares! Dozens of redwork blocks completed, a collection of red, white and black prints for just the right pattern, Judy Martin's Snake River Log Cabin - all pieces cut and ready to sew, wool projects, embroidery...get the picture?? A huge discovery, long since buried in the back of the beyond...all the applique patterns by Garden City Gateworks - Dinah Jeffries -  to make this incredible quilt - I even have all the yardage for the background.

Having set out last year to learn applique, this project doesn't seem so out of reach anymore...By the way - check out the Beyond the Cherry Tree blog - my Blocks 2 & 3 just got completed and you also need to see all the other wonderful blocks everyone is working on! Same patterns - lots of fabulous fabric choices by the group!
So that stitched saying on Laura's pillow has come back to haunt me..Live Within Your Harvest...there is a wealth of riches to be harvested in my little 12 X 12 sewing cave. Why would I even consider adding to it?
Weeelllll - because quilting is a disease - pure and simple and we all have a real serious case of it...isn't it grand!!? I think there might just be an extra little nook for something new...I will let you know after the planned road trip next Tuesday......the quilting shops fields are calling and a new crop is ready for harvesting....

Have a good New Year's Weekend and I hope you

Always take time to stitch...



  1. I was so happy to see that you'd posted, Pat, and that I got the notice as a new follower. Isn't technology grand?
    This post really made me smile. I have baskets and piles of fabric and projects all over the house - sewing, cross-stitch, knitting etc. I really need to settle down and find a space to have it all together. Open shelves probably aren't a bad idea for those of us who are a bit impulsive about adding to our stashes - remember the look of those shelves!

  2. That's what happens when you have space, things soon expand to fill it.

    Good for you for having a tidy-up, it's a good thing to know how rich you are. But, as I see, there might just be room for another extra, ever so tiny, but indispensable little thing?

  3. Several years ago my sister-in-law(not a quilter) gave me a little book-Living The Life Of A Fabric-aholic, written and illustrated by Sandy Gervals.
    It is hilarious and reminds me, every time I look at it, how I got to where I, and my stash and other quilt related 'stuff', are now!! Seeing your neat sewing room, almost, gives me the incentive to clean up my little cave.

  4. Hi Pat, Looking forward to our road trip Tuesday! Maybe we'll all find something to inspire us to finish one of those forgotten projects! I ran across a few gems when I reorganized my room recently. Totally understand what you are saying! Until Tuesday!

  5. I think cross-stitch must be as well, a disease I mean. I have my stash over two closets and under the bed! But if I had a closet just for me! Well, it's not going to happen, but one can always dream!

  6. Good for you Pat - getting "in touch" with what we have stashed, is always a positive thing for me, which is probably why I keep moving things around and re-organizing. Speaking of, off to my room as the Golden Girls are coming over tomorrow to sew. First time I have gotten to sew in three weeks. Happiness on you field trip journey. Judy C

  7. I love that quote. And organization? Isn't that just a 'concept' rather than a necessity?

    Hope your 2011 is filled with joy, grace and lots of gorgeous fabrics!

  8. I am looking forward with excitement on all the projects you will be making with your harvest. I just "harvested" more fabric yesterday on a trip into LA. Funny how the harvest back home vanishes from my mind when confronted by new colors and designs. Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

  9. Woo-hoo! Love the stash...I have plenty and enjoy it all. What I don't use, I send to vintage fabrics as well! Thanks for commenting...I've come over and signed on to follow!
    Have a great day!


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