Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, March 7, 2011

March Comes In Like A Lion....

on a Snowy Monday this any way to start off a new week in March? Check out the snowflakes on my iPod... is not like we are getting major storms rolling is simply that snowfalls continue to arrive regularly and our snow covered never goes away. 
There was a little respite in the cycle and we were able to get my folks up to the house for a Sunday dinner. While we have been doing multiple weekly visits to them, Christmas was the last time they ventured up to our neck of the woods. Mr. Outback's delicious BBQ ribs (credit goes to our son for that recipe!) were the enticement and I know the way to my Dad's heart is a basket of freshly made dinner rolls.
 I am happy to report that both Mom & Dad ate heartily and it is good to see my Mom's appetite on the upswing. We finished off the meal with a Lemon-Lime Tart from one of my very favorite cookbooks.
The recipe is called Texas Big-Hair Lemon Lime Tarts...the taste is fabulous and although my own tarts boasted a somewhat shorter/Northern "Big-Hair" meringue, I would make these again in a heartbeat...

Another seed order has arrived in the mail - this one from Renee's Garden in sunny California...aren't the seed packets little pieces of art!!?

...sometime this week, a trip out to the potting shed to collect a large bucket of potting soil, bring it back in the house and go ahead on starting some things in flats. We found a nifty little stand with a cover at our local Fleet Farm which should provide extra grow space indoors. It eliminates the problem of not enough windowsills and can be moved out to the potting shed porch when temperatures permit. 
With this ongoing weather pattern, I found myself growing deeper into a winter blues mood - with this week's snowy forecast, it was hard to stay upbeat, so a sound-talking-to was in order...I can either wallow around, thinking gloom and doom or go to my Happy Place - aka The Sewing Room. So the plan for this snowy week is to tackle some mending, work some more on my Canadian Cottage project and finish up some applique blocks which I am obligated to for other people.

And more shameless parental promotion...our son, Dave, has just returned from a week of leading a tour group - he brought back some of his own amazing Aurora images...Winter can be breathtaking...check it out! (Click on his Blog - there are a couple of recent postings when you get to the site)

In the meantime, if you know of any little lambs that would like to come visit us here in the Northwoods - send them over...I am getting tired of hearing that lion roaring...
Have a good, cozy week where ever you call home...



  1. Sending you positive spring energy, Pat! Those rolls look delicious! Love bread in any way or shape! Love Renee's seeds! Hope your week goes well!

  2. I am just not missing those Wisconsin winters!!!

    Thanks for the quarter inch advise...I'll watch out for trailing off at the end. I just ordered a new piecing foot...and a new scrap quilt book and cutting mat...had to order more stuff to qualify for Amazon free shipping :)

  3. If I were you, Pat - I would order more seeds and keep planting - Spring will then have to catch up with you. I love bread of any kind and those rolls are mouth watering. Checked out David's pictures - what talent to capture all that fleeting beauty - just absolutely beautiful photography. No wonder you are so proud. Keep looking for Spring, I am sending it. Judy C

  4. Hang on, Pat! Spring can't be far off now! I feel the same way...these last few weeks of gray skies and cold temps seem worse than the last two months, don't they? (Your new seed packets are little gems!)
    And so many of us share your experience with your parents. Thank goodness we have our sewing rooms to retreat to!

  5. You've got the right idea Pat - just keep those little work-of-art seed packets where you can see them! Believe it or not, there is snow in our forecast for tonight. No one can believe this terrible weather - a good month behind last year.


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