Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Special Quilt Blocks...

Just finished piecing 2 quilt blocks - 

A classic design - simplicity itself...went together well...why are they special? They will be mailed off tomorrow and will become part of a quilt project organized by Moda Fabrics...Go to
to read all about the details. Just One Star is a challenge to piece, quilt and bind 100 quilts in 100 days - the completed quilts will be presented to injured service men and women to provide a little comfort and convey the knowledge that they are being thought about. 
Moda is asking for 1800 pieced stars before May 1, 2011. They don't take long to do so won't you join in? The stars are to be pieced in either red or blue on a light background - I couldn't decide, so made two - they can choose whichever or both...

I sure would have loved to be in New York this week to visit the Red and White Quilt had to be something so spectacular to see in person...I hope other bloggers who were fortunate enough to attend will share their experience. The next best thing is downloading the new app that the American Folk Art Museum prepared. It is Free - just go to the iTunes App Store and download it to your iPod, iPad or other device.

There are a ton of photos, background information, Historical facts about red and white quilts, etc.along with an audio commentary on some of the featured quilts.  It is going to take me a while to "tour" the museum!! The image that speaks to me the most is the Circle of Chairs with the red and white quilts gently folded over each chair...this symbolic image of quilters gathering together to stitch and share their friendships with each other. I can hear the voices of those quiltmakers - speaking to us from the past - "When this you see...remember me..."

Have a good week and wishing each of you a special Circle of Friends to gather with.



  1. Thanks so much Pat for posting about the Moda challenge - I did not know about it - will be making my blocks this afternoon. What a fantastic campaign.

    I would also have loved to have been at the Red/White quilt show in New York. Martha Stewart had a special segment on her show Monday, so DWH and I were able to see more in-depth coverage of the show. Just spectacular. Wish I had an IPod- well, maybe not. Judy C

  2. What a lovely project that Challenge is! I'll bet that your post will inspire others to join you.
    The Red and White Quilt exhibit intrigues me too, and I hope someone will post about it - if you find a post out there, will you link to it?

  3. hmmm I am going to go check that out! Sure a better idea then cleaning!


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