Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Little Treasures...

Often it is the smallest in size that bring us pleasure...when we were young children, probably the bigger the better...a piece of cake, a double dip of our favorite ice cream, the huge present under the Christmas tree or a big chocolate bunny in the Easter basket. Do you remember those large sugar eggs with the little window you could peak through? There was always a miniature scene inside. I got to wondering if someone still makes those. Check out this link to D. Blumchen - a favorite place to shop for all those hard-to-find vintage/reproduction papers and trims. While their sugar eggs are more modernized (the law says no paper scenes anymore - everything has to be edible!) they still evoke an Easter from my childhood...such dear little treasures. Our Sunday dinner this year was extra nice with a full dining room table of family. I was in the kitchen for two days before hand and really enjoyed the preparations. Baking, mixing, whipping...each time we make a dish to share with loved ones, it becomes another dear little treasure. 

Little packages that arrive in the mail...treasures! Now I am officially a member of Sharon Lovejoy's Grimy Hands Girls Club.
We are to test the packet of basil seeds and report back our results. Love the cards Sharon included - her artwork is such a delight!
And a sweet little packet of fabrics and a thank you note from the folks over at Moda Fabrics - a thoughtful gesture on their part to those of us who participated in the Just One Star project. 
Both dear little treasures...
Enjoying a cup of tea (Peets Teas - Winter Solstice) from a friend who gave me a box of this delicious tea....perfect to sip while reading the gift of a book from another friend...Garden With Jane Austen. More dear little treasures.
Cutting the first daffodils of the season - A treasure from the garden.
 I can't go without including at least one picture about quilting...
Got caught up on Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt blocks.
Just one more little treasure - being up to date on a project!

And the most simple of treasures - being able to step off the deck onto flagstone and then onto green grass - and no snow!

Wishing each of you a week filled with your own dear little treasures. 


My Grandmother's tiny mustard pot - it was always on the table at Easter - just a touch of mustard on the ham.


  1. Hi Pat, Your posts are my little treasures! I enjoy them so much! Chris

  2. I also think of your posts as treasures. They always brighten up by day. The joy of Jonquils, the love of family, the fun of cooking for those that eat heartily, and treasures from the past to use for the important memories in our lives. Life is good, my friend. Judy C

  3. Such lovely treasures...both the words and the sharing.

  4. I am definitely one of the grimy hands girls! The eggs with windows sound wonderful - I have obviously missed out there.

    Pomona x


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