Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Winter to Spring Revealed...

"April prepares her green traffic light & the world thinks...Go!"
   ( Christopher Morley)

What a difference a week can make...last weekend the house was closed up tight, a fire warmed us continually and our world was still covered in white. Today, look at our temperature - 

Like someone pushing back the heavy covers on a bed, the snow line has receded and in many places all but disappeared. Deep in our woods, there are still sizeable patches to wade through, but the snow has turned to "corn snow." Nights of below freezing temperatures and warming days have broken down the surface - and with those same lows and highs, maple syrup season has come and gone. We spy dozens of clean sap buckets lining our neighbor's driveway and the promise of syrup lingers on our tongues. 

This is a mixed time of transition...sad at the sight of exposed ditches along the highways and back roads - filled with winter debris...cast off tires, unknown parts from something that broke and countless aluminum cans and plastic bottles, carelessly tossed from a passing vehicle. Our property line parallels a County road and an unpaved farm road - Mr. Outback must make his seasonal run on the 4 wheeler collecting the castoffs of thoughtless individuals.  The discovery is made of a broken pane of glass in one of the potting shed windows and a new crack in my 15 gallon crock that has shared its long history with me.
But our spirits are revived when the first pussy willows appear and try to figure out a pathway over the water filled ditches, armed with a pair of cutting shears. 
 The sound of cheery birds has returned as they stroll over the exposed grass and nestle in nearby evergreens. Our geese have returned - Fred and Ethel. How do they know where to find us? Is there some sort of built in Garmin they have programmed to return to Taylorsoutback? What is the lifespan of a pair of geese, who mate for life? Are these two a third or fourth generation that were just golden goslings a while ago? 
They have returned to an ice covered pond so there is still time to do a little ice skating before breakup...and before they get down to the business of guarding the nest and raising their young.

Clumps of daffodils have reached 5" to 6" and the first tightly closed buds are visible...the timing this year looks to be perfect...bright yellow blossoms on our Easter table. Anticipation!!
This can't get away without something from the sewing room, of keeping with the "growing season" I have completed Block #16 from Beyond the Cherry Tree...about 112 cherries (or red grapes, if you prefer) have been appliqued. Whew!
And this block is on its way to the United Kingdom and will become part of the Commemorative Quilt that Pippa over at Welsh Quilts has organized. 
It is in recognition of the reconstruction of the Cathedral Tower in Christchurch which collapsed during the New Zealand earthquake. The pattern is based on a Monument quilt block with the bottom row added to represent the clapper of the bell. Our bell blocks are to be made in "bell-like" colors - bronze, brass, gold, etc.

And so it goes...

Everywhere we listen to the sounds of a world reawakening from a very long winter. Birds calling, snow melt spilling into the ponds, streams and rivers, even motorcycles brought out of storage for the first and doors are opened, stuck or creaking from winter's tightness.

It is good to stretch the limbs, walk about and open our arms to the coming season.That traffic light has changed from the standstill red of winter to Spring Green for Go!!! Let the season begin...



  1. Congrats on the temp! We are still trying to climb out of the 40/50s. I have vege starts going crazy and I just want to play outside in the dirt! hehehe. Soon though, very soon.

  2. We don't get the extreme weather here so it's interesting reading to hear about what happens when the seasons change over there. My pet peeve is the litter on the road side here too.
    Your block is stunning, really worth all that circle stitching.

  3. WOW! 71°! We're not there yet but I did see some daffodils in bud on the south side of a brick building. :) Love the pussy willows!

  4. Oh, Pat - your applique is looking wonderful - I don't know if I could have done 112 cherries -exquisite. Glad the "go" light is green finally, and each day will bring you more and more of Spring. It just renews the soul and gives promise for the year to come. I revel with each new plant blooming - the green on the oak trees is that color that I have never been able to duplicate. Welcome Spring. Judy C

  5. Dear Pat,
    What a lovely comment on the season! And you new quilt block it equally fabulous! Your applique work is really beautiful (I guess all that practice really has made a huge difference!) Enjoying the new season ... Chris

  6. What a deliciously full blog post, Pat! The quilt block, the geese (we name the wild ducks that come each year to nest with our domestics in our pond)and the view of the wanning winter and dawning spring, especially the line "Like someone pushing back the heavy covers on a bed, the snow line has receded and in many places all but disappeared" - lovely!

  7. It varies everyday here. JDanel asks to sleep with books,but we can't even see them in the dark.

  8. I'm envious of your applique and your way with words. Such a lovely post. I thought our winter was over, the snow almost completely gone and the ground drying up. Not quite over steal a couple of your words...someone pulled up the heavy blankets and covered our heads! We are completely white again!


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