Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Friday, May 27, 2011

Patchwork Days

Tonight the setting sun has painted the sky with delicate pinks and blues. The pond is still and holds a reflection of the colors above. Surrounding pastures and woodlands are bathed in that shade of green that is so unique to the emerging Spring season...soft and misty with leaves not quite yet reaching their fullest and allowing the branches and bark to stand out. Not yet the deep greens and lushness of full summer...a chill lingers in the twilight reminding us that winter has only recently left. White trilliums carpet the nearby woods and yellow marsh marigolds wind their way along the sides of creeks and bogs.

Days at Taylorsoutback have been like a patchwork quilt...bits and pieces of many activities held together by what is hoped to be a strong, quality thread. Stress-filled doctor's appointments with my Mom as she goes from one test to the next trying to zero in on a recurring medical issue - all the while dealing with growing memory loss/personality changes. We have managed a much needed weekend away with family friends in Elkhorn, Wisconsin and some best friend time with Connie. More about that in the next post.

We were only home for 2 days from that road trip and then left again for Peoria, Illinois and Mr. Outback's annual skeet shoot. I have to laugh when thinking we didn't go anywhere ALL winter and in the last 3 weeks, have traveled along the same route to Janesville, Rockford and points south on 3 occasions!

While in Peoria, I met with another long-time friend, Eulonda, who was my partner when we opened our quilt shop back in '91. We headed to Peoria Heights and the Bernina dealership store - Sew Creative. Peggy, the owner, is one incredibly knowledgeable Bernina lady!
 I wish she was closer to my home - I have been on a not so friendly basis with the BSR on my 440QE - let's say very frustrated. Peggy sat with us for 2 hours - both showing and letting us work with the machine. Peggy also did demo's on some of the new Bernina accessories and I ended up with a new sole plate for the walking get 2 sole plates with the foot - standard. This one is new. Can you see the extra guide near the middle?
Will be anxious to try it out when machine quilting as it appears to really do a nice job when stitching in the ditch and want to share my thoughts on how it works in the near future....stay tuned!

Do you like my new purple Grabaroos too?!!
 So much more comfortable than the heavier gripper gloves I have been using.

The rest of our stay in Peoria was just simple relaxing and visiting with other skeet wives who were staying next to us in RV's. The days were not rushed; the mind could clear out the cobwebs and reorganize. I finished this...and would recommend...

And started this...if you love to garden and love history - this is fabulous!
 And put the final stitches in Beyond the Cherry Tree Block #9
 And took the first stitches in Block soon...

And completed an overdue Friendship block...
And cut these 1" strips and stacks of squares and rectangles for my Settler's Trail. Loving the colors all ready! Anything with a shirting fabric has my attention!

Now we are back home for a while and my patchwork days are centered out in the gardens.Winter-bound muscles are calling for a Tylenol but it is so wonderful to be outside, opening up the potting shed, pulling out garden tools and playing in the dirt. We have waited sooooo long for this time...

More patchwork days to come...hopefully Blogger has resolved the issues of recent days and smoother postings can continue. I will try my best to catch up with each of your blogs too - have missed out on what everyone is up to!

Memorial Day weekend always seems to be more focused on the main kickoff for summer vacations and cookouts. Somehow, the original reason for observing this special day has been relegated to the back.  Take time to remember what it is all about and display your flag in honor of all those who sacrificed their lives.



  1. It's nice to see you back, Pat. You've had a busy time! I love that block - so pretty. I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend.

  2. So glad that I dropped by to have my morning coffee with you - I can just about feel that I am sitting out on your porch watching all those wonderful colors marching across the sky. You have been busy and so glad that you took some time to also just enjoy. You seem to have "your groove" on now - sending you best wishes for a beautiful weekend. I thank all of our military men and women everyday for my freedom - wish more people remembered what the day is about. Judy C with a Carolina Blue sky overhead.

  3. Good to see you back - looks like you have been pretty busy - hope you have been having a good holiday weekend! And thank you for joining in my giveaway.

    Pomona x

  4. You paint such a vivid picture of Spring colors with your words, that I can 'see' it too. :) I loved seeing your applique blocks...I've FINALLY gotten back to a bit of hand-applique, my favorite form of hand work. We went straight from Winter into SUMMER, by-passing Spring. High of 93 deg today. Am spending a low-key Memorial Day with those who have fought for our freedom, present and past. Happy Memorial Day.

  5. It sounds like you have been busy, but a good busy. I've enjoyed watching spring slowly unfold this year....slowly, is the key word.

  6. I agree! You have a been a very busy traveler :o) Hope that every moment has been and continues to be full of awesomeness :o) Your narrative in your first paragraph is absolutely vivid! Beautiful. Hope your mom is doing well. And that your hubby's skeet shoot competition was a success.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your projects both with your quilting and with your gardening.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    ...catching up on some blog reading and visiting ...last week was busy, so didnt even manage to get my "one post a week" post up last week. ...Happy to be here! I look forward to hearing about the art whenever you are ready :o)


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