Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Suspended Animation... the state I find myself in at present. Neither here nor there...far or near...coming or going. We are trapped between winter and spring with one season unwilling to let go and let the other enter. The closet reveals corduroys and heavy shirts and sweaters being more accessible than lighter weight fare and winter quilts still remain folded at the end of the bed for pulling up in the middle of a chilly night. 
There has been a grand total of two days where this gardener could be seen hard at work, rake and shovel in hand, wearing "muck boots,"  and squishing across the water-logged property. 
Brick edging has been pulled from around the potting shed in preparation for less weed prone landscaping timbers.

The trench has quickly filled with water and is slow to drain. Project suspended until further notice. As for restaining the siding, will it ever warm up enough to allow the paint to flow?

The sewing room is not much better - it has been so long since any post showed a completed quilt, that I would have to search the archives well into last year. 

Thankfully, keeping up with the Civil War Quilt blocks over at Barbara Brackman's has provided a small sense of accomplishment.
Here is #18 - Union Square.

 And Block #8 from Beyond the Cherry Tree is now checked off as finished. Way too many leaves on this one...glad I can move on..,

Some of the ladies who are also doing this quilt have been prepping blocks in advance which makes it easier to just pick up and do a section when time permits. Thinking it is a good suggestion, so that is what these 3 piles are all about.

When the gardens do start to call, to have a headstart with patterns drawn out and fabrics selected will be a plus.
Still, there is a growing need to have something that can be called complete and the fingers fret and fidget over lack of a binding to stitch down. An overall feeling of some anxiousness, distraction and generally staring off to space has taken hold. I may have a solution...have you seen the "Thunder Shirt" for pets who exhibit these same qualities? We have our Molly, the middle child sheltie, who has always been an anxious little girl and may benefit from being wrapped in this newest pet invention...promoters claim, it wraps the dog in comfort "like a hug" and they settle down. I might just order one for her and one for myself...just wrap me up, hook me on a leash and take me for a calming walk...sounds like a plan!

Wishing each of you a good week with productive days.



  1. I can empathize with your fretful situation. It is frustrating when you cannot get to what you love. But, take a deep breath and continue your prepping and things will "unblock" soon and you can start rolling again.

  2. I, too, am tired of this limbo of seasons called "Spring" here in MI. Any warm weather would be appreciated. I love your BTCT block; and I for one can attest to having some blocks prepped ahead time make it so much easier to just sit and stitch. Enjoy what you can when you can and hopefully soon our weather will change for the better.

  3. I am in limbo here too. Last week we had t-shirt weather. Today I awoke to snowshoe weather. Fresh snow covered the yard that was finally dry enough for the dogs to chase each other around in. There's a stack of projects in various stages of completion. My sewing room was still a disaster this morning, even though I wished really hard for a cleaning fairy to appear overnight. Good news is the first quilt show of the spring is next weekend. There's always something to look forward to, even on the dreary days!

  4. There is so much to do in the spring. We spend a lot of time inside due to pollen issues. That leaves tons to do outside.

  5. At least you have sun TO! We had a little today, but it keeps on raining! It is very green here! Hope you get a lot accomplished either inside or outside and the suspended animation doesn't last too long.

  6. What's wrong with doing it the other way round? You take HER for a walk. It'll do both of you good.

    I know how you feel, neither one thing nor the other. It's what happens between seasons, when energy levels are also lower than at other times and the enthusiasm is still flagging.

  7. Hi Pat,
    so nice to meet fellow Wisconsin bloggers!
    Thanks for coming by and boy do I know how you feel! This weather has really taken its toll on so many of us!
    Love your quilting projects, they are just gorgeous!
    here's to better weather....

  8. Well, you're certainly keeping busy waiting for the spring. Ours has been lovely lately in Arizona, I try to send some your way!

  9. Those leaves and stems look awfully tedious to do. Your quilt lessons are awesome.


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