Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Oh how I wish there was such a website...where a button could be clicked and the sewing room studio would be instantly clean and ready. Where I could go to a menu and "select" which project my little heart desired that day (without getting sidetracked by all the others) and where there would magically appear just the right amount of yardage just the right color, washed, pressed and neatly arranged on the cutting table...

Well dream on...because this is my mess reality on January 1, 2012...

Are you like me? Where the start of a shiny New Year brings us the notion that anything is possible...all the quilts in our hearts will be created in the weeks ahead? Living in North Central Wisconsin, the next three wintery months stretch into the snow covered woods and it is prime time for anyone who quilts. What have I got on the "Dream List?"

Two major year long projects are winding down...
Have caught up on Barbara's Civil War Blocks and now must decide on sashing and settings...the last of the blocks...
Can't believe it - but only 3 blocks left to do on the Beyond the Cherry Tree Applique Quilt - (the four borders will make for a nice portable project when traveling later in the year).Will be posting photos of the recently completed ones soon (Blogger seems to be difficult with doing multiple images lately)

Have made commitments recently for two online projects - check out both of the buttons up above on the sidebar - Just Takes 2 (no blocks done yet - need a trip to the LQS for 9 yards of background fabric - yikes!) and Building Houses From Scraps (there are certainly enough scraps around to make those 366 houses) - this is the first one - only 365 more to go...3 inches when done - so darn cute! But I can tell right away, they should be scrappier to give the sides of the house more definition. Need to decide on little sashings and cornerstones too.
So now, it is the New Year with brand new 24 hours in each day - anything is possible!!! That and a trip to the LQS will be a start...

But first I had best clean up the mess - watching the first season of Downton Abbey again will help and refresh the memory for January 8, when the 2nd season begins...quality TV returns!
Happy days to each of you...


  1. Yes, no tidying fairies around here! Love those little houses too cute!

  2. I'm sorting my sewing room in ten minute portions! ten minutes of clean up and then ten minutes of sewing or blogging or whatever! It's working too!

    Well done on getting all of the Civil War blocks finished... I'm way behind but will start on them very soon. This has been such a wonderful project, shame it has come to an end.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Seems like as soon as I clean my sewing room I'm messing it up again. lol! Love your Civil War blocks. I have made one C.W. quilt and it's among my favorites. I love anything with cherries so you have caught my interest and can't wait to see the finished project. I signed up for 'Grandmas Flower Garden'. I think that's the name. It's made from Aunt Gracies and it's a row quilt. I've got two months of it done and will post soon. Need to get busy on this months section. Lots of applique and I can not get back in the mood to quilt. What's wrong with me? I MUST have a fever.

  4. Happy New Year, and what joy to have all that quilting time! Ros x

  5. My sewing studio isn't much neater! I see one of my favorite books - Georgia quilts - would someday love to make the cover quilt.
    You've done well keeping up with those projects. I've thought about joining in with the little houses but they are soooo tiny!!!! They would take me forever to hand piece. I like how you did it in EQ7. I have an older version so maybe I'll see if I can do it that way.
    Send some snow this way!

  6. Love your houses Pat! Great sewing room too...I am having a fun time working on the houses also...and move excited using up my scraps..... Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Hugs, Carolyn :)

  7. Please send me the link when you find that computer program, Pat!
    I'm in love with Downton Abby too - such a good show.
    Good luck with your projects!

  8. Downton Abbey - this is new to us and now will become a weekly with "series manager" on cable. We were not familiar with this and now look forward to it, of course, anything English for my Englishman will be good.

    Your new 'ventures' will be interesting to follow and I am looking forward to being in 'my room' also - no company and no commitments for at least two weeks. I call it dedicated sewing time. Judy C sends you best wishes for a new year.

  9. The mini houses are cute! I might have to make some of those ...

    Happy New Year to you - hope to see you soon. Chris

  10. I can absolutely relate to what you're saying about a new year and the possibilities and yet the calendar only turned a day, lol.
    You have some great things lined up, the CW blocks look great together.

  11. Happy New Year to you.
    I just finished cleaning up my sewing room yesterday.
    I also made one little house. I am only making one a month instead of everyday. I should have a nice miniature quilt at the end of the year.

  12. Hey, if you find that button let me know. It might work on other areas of my house, too!


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