Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tiny Houses Under Construction...

Well, not sure if these little houses would pass government inspection but they sure are cute! 
It is also obvious where my main color palette lies...the bin of scraps that I am pulling from definitely favors subdued fabrics...
Yes, I know this is not the neatest construction site... if this quilt is to progress and look livelier, I need to be brave and introduce some brighter choices...
Was thinking back to the only other "house" quilt I have done - a few years back...these blocks were 8" finished if I recall -
They seem like "mansions" compared to the 3" cottages being built now.

Another Cherry Tree block has been completed. 

And these two have been recently finished...

Do you use the Clover Needle Threader? I own two of them, and both give me shredded threads, needles that fly out of the holder and often simply don't work. I recently purchased the Sewline threader (ordered it through Clotilde) and with all the appliqueing being done lately, have found it to be much more reliable.

The needle locks in place, usually threads a #11 applique needle well and has a neat little holder in the bottom for other needles plus a magnetic end. Thanks to Janet over at Quiltsalott for recommending this!! 
Also, curious to know if any of you on Blogger are having difficulty loading images? Seems to be an ongoing problem and I wish someone in the Forum would just get back to response but it is apparent others are having similar problems. 

That's it for now.
Have a good week and I am so happy you dropped by to visit!


  1. Thanks for the hint I will need to look for one of these. Your little houses are sweet! And yes, I can only load one picture at a time. Makes for slow posting.

  2. Oh I do love these little house - so cute!

  3. Those little houses are adorable. There's something about miniature anything - so appealing.
    I've been having ongoing trouble loading images with blogger for some time now. I have to go through quite a convoluted process that involves switching to HTML and then back to compose. One day blogger just stopped allowing me to load images from my own computer - wanted me to upload everything to Picassa on the web.

  4. Happy New Year Pat
    Your houses are great and look fun to make.
    Your cherry blocks are awesome.

  5. I love your tiny little cottage blocks! I can't wait to see how the whole quilt looks! And your cherry tree blocks are really beautiful!! WOW! I"m your newest follower.

  6. Love your little houses. I have made a few - not sure I can do 365!

  7. I read that blogger and Internet Explorer don't play well together -- best to blog from Firefox. (Love your quilts -- I am so far behind on projects, I should just move and start over).

  8. I love the houses. I have a collection of plaques and plates on my wall and each one has a house with a red roof. Each time I view your blog I am inspired. I just need to put needle to fabric!

  9. Just stopping by to say Happy New Year! I love your little houses - seems we like the same color schemes:)
    Hope 2012 is a happy & healthy one for you and your family.


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