Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, October 8, 2012

What's Goin' On..... the sewing room...other than a mess which never seems to go away - since the revamping of our guest room earlier this summer and the addition of a very fun log bed - just called for a new quilt. So happened that back in 2008, all of the pieces were cut out in preparation for a project which got very side tracked. But as things often do in a quilter's great scheme of things, the project got a new life in September when a light went on in my foggy little perfect that a log cabin quilt would be for a log bed.

I really like Judy Martin's approach to piecing and her tips along the way...I have made numerous log cabin quilts in the last 30 (yikes!) quilting years and all were made by just cutting massive amounts of strips in the width needed and then trimming them to size as I pieced. Most of the time it worked okay but with an occasional wiggle at the end of a row - 1/8" off and a few more wiggles and then the block would be catty wampus...Having all the pieces cut to precisely the length needed has given me accurately sized blocks and nice, straight lines. 

Judy suggests placing all the cut pieces with labels in inexpensive flatware like a charm and keeps me organized. 
With 48 pieces per block, this is not a speed/quilt in a weekend kind of deal...but it fits in nicely with my new approach to taking the back roads and enjoying the slow lane.
Look how the center is coming together ....

And the beginnings of the borders are taking shape...

Because I have a strong dislike for anything that own quilt will be renamed "Toad River Log Cabin Quilt" in recognition of a favorite river that runs along the Alaska Highway in British Columbia. Nope - I don't have a problem with things that hop!  

And that is what is goin' on at Taylorsoutback - the last of the gardens are being cleaned up in preparation for winter. We have all ready had the first snowflakes - shudder...soon the time indoors will become the norm in the weeks ahead...I will miss the hours outside, but look forward to the quietness of the sewing room.

What's goin' on in your neck of the woods???



  1. What a beautiful quilt that is going to be. I really like log cabins and am currently still working on my second; actually, the log center is all completed, I'm doing a hand-applique border so am in the process of that part.

  2. Wow! Pat, that is going to be a beautiful quilt for your new bed frame.
    I still have things growing in my garden but the tomatoes have had it so I will be pulling up the plants. I need to plant some garlic soon. Hard to imagine you have seen some snow already.

  3. Wow - i love the way you have everything organized!
    Your progress is great. Isn't it amazing how much sewing goes into a log cabin quilt?

  4. I love your color choice! Just lovely.

  5. That log cabin quilt is going to be so perfect and beautiful for that bed and I truly love your colors. Moving date is fast approaching - 10/22 and 10/26 - and really looking forward to unpacking after almost a year of being packed. Last treatment was 10/3 so establishing a new normal will be so welcomed along with being able to sew again. Hugs for Fall from NC and Judy C

  6. Don't you just love it when things come together like that?....a new bed and a set-aside quilt project, made for each other.
    As the rain drums on the steel roof we're cosy inside and anxious to get the green light from our fire chief so that we can light the stove - perhaps next week!

  7. That flatwear container idea is brilliant.

    I am only making rag quilts these days and the pieces are huge so I can keep them all straight!

    Love your colors!


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