Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pumpkin vs. Cheddar?

What do you think? Those alternating blocks look more like antique pumpkin then the brighter cheddar in the original quilt -

In an earlier post, I mentioned easing in to using cheddar - so next project might be a little bolder! For now, have to cut the triangles for the edges and corners. It has been fun to move out of my little "fabric comfort zone".

While waiting on the Wedding Quilt to return, my time is also occupied with this mystery bowl of beads and this stack of fabrics - more reveals down the road....if I can remain lucid....

And painting a storage cupboard, desk & bookcase in "merlot" - upon opening the can of paint, eeeekkk! It looked like fuchsia and not remotely close to the chip card. Back to the store where a "know it all" kind of young sales associate grudgingly added a tad more of black coloring - back home - repaint a sample cupboard door and will now do a second coat. The verdict is not in yet....I don't want this frustration. But I am just not a fuchsia kind of gal.

Having rediscovered the pleasure of hand quilting - at the end of each day I look forward to an hour or two - making progress - slow - but progress. If you are wondering - will she go back in the opposite direction to do more grid lines??? Am thinking ..... Yes! At first I was undecided but have received gentle encouragement that it would be the right and proper thing to do...we shall see....

Working on this allows for a little thought time as I review pre-wedding details and what needs to be done yet on our end. But all ready the nights are bringing wakeful moments - how will this unfold, will the weather cooperate, will my Mom do okay in a large crowd of people, some whom she is meeting for the first time. It may be overwhelming for her and she tires easily. Her memory issues are a constant now and there is no turning back. It is difficult to watch these changes.


Ending on a happier note - hope you are enjoying this National Day of Quilting - Happy stitching!


Wedding Day Countdown - 76




  1. Your hand quilting on BTCT's looks so beautiful! What a wonderful way to ease the mind and calm the emotions of the day.

    Best wishes to you all for a lovely time at the wedding. Though difficult to see our parents aging, the memories of your Mom there will always be a blessing.

  2. maybe it is not a true cheddar, but I do love the pumpkin and it is making me want pie. BTCT is looking great. wow...I didn't know your wedding was so close....ours is in October and I just have the quilt cut out. Can't wait to get back to quilting.

  3. We seem to be at the same stage in supporting our mothers - so hard for them as memory places tricks and the present and past start to blend.
    I looked back at the peek at the Wedding Quilt - can't wait to see the finished piece as it looks beautiful.
    I agree that the cheddar looks more pumpkin than cheddar, but still gorgeous!
    When we painted our kitchen Pomegranate years ago, the wet paint looked fuchsia - very alarming but it was pomegranate when it dried!

  4. Wow I love the look at that pumpkin color. It is fabulous!

  5. your hand quilting looks lovely!

  6. I agree that fabric is more pumpkin pie than cheddar. I love it, though! I've used that exact same fabric and people raved about it.
    Beautiful hand quilting. Fun to see your progress.
    When I wake in the middle of the night worrying about something I try to make my thoughts turn to solutions. If not, I just tell myself there is nothing I can do about this now and my worrying is wasted energy. Seems to work for me.

  7. I have an upcoming wedding too, in August. I too am hunkering down to get the wedding quilt finished!

  8. Well, as usual, your work is stunning and after being at the quilt show, you should have had a quilt entered there, TO! Would have loved to hear your thoughts. Pulled out my x-stitch and looked at it and put it back! Ha! Just don't have a path at the moment and no spring weather is making it worse! That's my excuse! Hope you don't have too much snow and you get more time to stitch! xxoo LVL

  9. Love the color in your quilt, no matter what it is called. It is a striking combination. Sorry about your mom. I will keep you both in my prayers. The wedding will be magical, I am sure. Your hand quilting is exquisite.

  10. Whatever you do it is all so beautiful.
    I can’t believe that you can do all these things. I must have been born with two left hands. And sausage fingers!

  11. So glad I have discovered your blog - love the applique and the quilting. Take your time - it looks amazing!


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