Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Coming out of my sewing cave... least that is what it feels like - I have been a bear hibernating.

The Wedding Quilt top is finished and is off for some beautiful machine quilting.

Just a peak as the final stitches were taken....

Given that February here in the northwoods brought what seems like a daily dose of snow, the time at home has allowed for staying focused in the sewing room.

My Mom's 88th birthday is in March and when I saw this fabric collection at our LQS, it was a perfect choice for her new placemats. These are her colors - soft Spring-touched greens. The pieces are from Moda's Field Notes grouping. (Blackbird Designs)

Just could not resist joining in on Barbara Brackman's 2013 Civil War BOM - Dixie Diary. When I heard the words "pink and brown" - well - it didn't take long to get caught.

These blocks are for January and February...

And starting to piece the first blocks using some new indigos and alternating cheddar squares. It might look like a hodge podge but there is a plan in my winter weary brain...

And in the quiet of a late winter evening - the hand quilting marches on. Just got these little Bohin rubber thimbles to wear on my right thumb - they cover the split nail & am hoping it will start to heal.
Now if this unexpected arrival of a head cold would go away, I would be happier - have never sneezed so much in my life!

Wishing each of you a good week ahead.


Pat (achoo....)






  1. Feel better soon. Absolutely everything you have been working on is beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished projects.

  2. Hope your cold is better soon. You have some lovely projects to keep you busy.

  3. Wow, so many good things going one with you. All so lovely, and no, I am not getting coaxed down the dixie trail! I had the same issue with my thumbnail, I got an acrylic nail put on at the local salon. Just one, it works like a charm and it really isn't noticeable. Just an idea.

  4. What a lovely post full of goodies. I can't wait to see the wedding quilt finished.
    Love the placemats and your Civil War blocks.
    I've goit a split nail too from applique, I bought a fake stick on nail until it grows a little and it worked for about a week.
    Get better soon.

  5. Oooh, I can't wait to see the LC quilted -
    sorry to hear about your cold, hope you feel better soon.
    Your hand quilting project is just lovely.

  6. Congrats on completing the Wedding quilt top! Your B.B. sew along blocks are beautiful!
    Boy have you been busy...!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Hope you are feeling better today. Everything is lovely. Your projects look fun to make.

  8. You sure have been busy on lots of pretty projects. We are expecting snow here this week and I hope it will find me stitching. The fabric for your mom's placemats is so pretty and puts me in the mood for spring. Hope your finger heals and your head unclogs soon.

  9. Golly, more wonderful quilting examples. You are a master of your craft.

    Good luck with the cold.

  10. lots of lovely progress Pat! Hope your cold leaves soon and the weather starts to warm itself..
    take care

  11. bless you!
    You have been very busy with such pretty things. Can't wait to see what the quilter does with the log cabin quilt. Those civil war blocks are sweet.

  12. Love the Dixie Diary blocks and your hand quilting is beautiful. As usual, your blog is so inspiring and such a delightful place to visit. We have been sneezing a great deal here, too...on our 2nd round of viruses or maybe it's the dust in the studio. Could sewing be a hazard to our health???

  13. i hope that you are feeling better.

    lovely projects that you have going here~!



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