Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, February 9, 2014

16 days of Olympic quilting...

Do you enjoy watching the Olympics? We sure do at Taylorsoutback...from the Opening ceremonies to the Closing...and all the events in between. Many years ago I started my own little Olympic tradition - a new quilting project would commence with the goal of having the top completed when the torch was extinguished. This was always much more doable for the Winter Games rather than the Summers - we tend to be on the road.

This winter when I looked at the scary amount of UFO's that have accumulated - well it was easy to choose one of those rather than start from scratch...or so I thought...

See this pile of a jumbled project?

Last time it saw the light of day was 4 years ago - during the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. The partially completed top has been folded inward & pinned to my flannel board all this time (not good!) It took me a while to figure out what stage it was at and then realized the flying geese block in the next HST border was incorrect. A little reverse sewing, going over the instructions (which are pretty sad, hate to say) and now a good pressing and tweaking before continuing on...

I still love the fabric though the pale blue polka dot was probably not the best choice for contrast. It looked darker on the website when originally ordered. But it is what it brief journey into the "shabby chic" look and it will be perfect for a summer quilt. Check out the Canadian flags and English crowns - Canada has always held a special place in my heart with my Grandmother's French Canadian roots and our frequent trips over the years to their beautiful provinces. The fabrics are by Robin Pandolph and were exclusive to Canadian quilt shops in honor of their Olympic year.

Have also completed the 2nd applique block for the Benjamin Biggs quilt...

And sew it the days grow longer and our temperatures head back into the double digits on somev days...we edge a little closer to Spring...for now I can be found, when time permits, at the sewing machine and counting the days before that torch is extinguished..

And a note to self...don't leave a half completed project pinned to a design wall for 4 years...






  1. I love your idea of doing... or finishing a quilt top during the time the torch is lit! How fun for you to have a goal with a definite ending! Love the quilt top you are working on... wonder if Russia will sell fabric from this Olympic year??? I love how quilty their them is anyway! Thanks for sharing and maybe I will set a goal for completing something fun during the olympics too! Kathi

  2. Looks like you will have a great summer quilt when the torch goes out. Great plan, stick to it!

  3. I like to peg projects to events or to trips - I have a little bag that goes with me when I travel for work and it contains a project that is just for those trips. When it's finished I re-stock the little bag with the floss and linen or the needles and yarn for another.
    The newly-finished quilt is just beautiful. Perhaps someday there will be a granddaughter who would be thrilled to receive it!
    I'm glad you feel such a closeness to Canada. I have a grand aunt from Cody Wyoming. She is now in her 90's - closer to 100 I believe. I imagine what a shock it must have been to her to come to small-town Nova Scotia when she married my grand uncle, a small town lawyer.

  4. I like your idea of completing a project through the Olympic Games. I might have to steal this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOL. I'll heed your suggestion. Seeing I use my floor as a design wall I could be tripping over many piles and the funny thing is, that's what I tend to do. Your shabby chic quilt will be lovely on those cooler summer nights.

  6. We are enjoying the Winter Olympics too.....just seeing all that snow makes me feel cooler! It's a lovely UFO you're working on. Sometimes a more subtle contrast can result in a more relaxing quilt, and as you say, it will be good for spring/summer. I have left pins in a project for a long time too, very naughty of us.

  7. I'm watching them right now! I am a huge olympic fan.
    What a beautiful soft fabrics in your UFO quilt. Good for you for getting it out.
    Applique' block looks great too.

  8. I really like the fabric from your quilt. Very pretty!
    Nice block too.

  9. What great projects for working on during the Olympics. I really like this BB block better than the first. I have opted out of doing this project as I have way too many UFOs, so I will just enjoy watching you make yours. Enjoy!

  10. I watch every minute of the Olympics that I can--and try to sew while I do, but I find myself staring at the screen and not stitching. : )
    I finished Midwinter Blues during Olympic coverage. Does that count?

  11. Pat, what a wonderful tradition! We love to watch the winter games also but I never thought about starting a project during that time. Great idea.

    I like the soft colors of the quilt you decided to finish, it is perfect for the shabby look and I would love it in my guest room where I use a lot of soft colors and mix a lot of old and new together.

  12. Such a pretty little UFO quilt project. Really like the special Canadian Olympics fabric in it. Very appropriate piece to work on during this years Olympic games.

    Your B.B. applique' block turned out beautiful as well!


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