Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Just an old dirt dobber...


Being a flower/vegetable gardener - (my other love along with quilting) - often involves moderately hard work - but for blissful times - I grow a selection of herbs. They are so low key in maintenance for the most part and provide tastes and fragrances going back hundreds of years.

My lemon verbena was left alone all summer while we were apparently did not miss me at all - the branches are huge and loaded with leaves to dry...

I wish there was "smell-o-vision" for you, dear readers! It is heavenly...

As is the sage - bunches dried and more waiting to be dried in the potting shed.

The carrots are all but gathered - one more row to dig...

And our apple trees are calling...almost applesauce and pie time...

Wishing each of you a satisfying week...

Pat, at the edge of the northwoods



  1. Love that Minnie quote ♥ Happy Sunday ♥

  2. mmmmmm.....I am imaging all those wonderful smells.

  3. Wonderful to see your garden has prospered during your absence.
    Your herbs look fabulous, I can almost smell them.
    And your Apple tree is definitely filled with edible goodness!
    Enjoy your Harvest!

  4. Have you ever made carrot souffle'? Our quilting group goes to a place that serves it every day. It is just like sweet potato casserole. My family doesn't care for sweet potatoes, but they will eat the carrot souffle'. Your garden looks great!

  5. Lovely garden images! This is the first of many years I have not had an herb garden. I can imagine the scents you describe.
    I should follow your lead and get out and dig some carrots!!

  6. What a beautiful garden! I can "smell" your herbs here in NJ :)

  7. Your green thumb was far reaching this summer. Fantastic!

  8. Dear Pat - I am not surprised at all to see that little quotation on your blog. It hangs over the table in MY craft room, and has for the past 10 years.


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