Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Life in the fast lane...

... we used to say...stop the world, I want to get off...lately, that keeps running through my head...

Since returning from our extended summer travels, the days jump from one to the next - no rhyme or reason, no calming routine...

Walking into my sewing room, the head spins at all the UFO's and projects in my much so that it is easier to turn around and walk away for now. I may be in a quilting slump or just plain tired...for now I continue to focus on only stitching all those Drayton Hall diamonds together late in the evening - 1 border done, 2nd started... 2 more to go...

Clover has come out with smaller than mini Wonder Clips - recently got a package and giving them a try...

You can see the difference in size compared to the larger minis. And they have markings on the far I like them and they don't get in the way as much as the larger ones. Looking forward to using them on bindings too...

Mr. Outback volunteered to drive me down to Nancy Zieman's Quilt Expo in Madison on Saturday...we live about 170 miles north. It was definitely a fast lane trip and turnaround!

Arriving at the Alliant Center at 4:00, I made a mad dash to locate my quilt - it was afterall, the first juried show I have entered. The quilt was found & photographed for the scrap book...

... and a much too quick viewing of the stunning Best of Show and other winners. You can see the awarded quilts on Monday at the Expo website. Another mad dash to the Superior Thread booth for 2 little packets of threads to use in applique and a stop at the Quiltmania booth to purchase this lovely classic...

Then into the long line to retrieve said quilt - I was out of the Exhibition Hall by 5:30...a quick stop for dinner and we were back home by 9:00 p.m. Whew! What a blur...

And...I did not buy any new fabric...




  1. Hopefully the pace might slow down a bit for you when winter comes. In the meantime, those diamonds are looking divine, love your colour palette. Congratulations on your show entry, so glad you got to see it hanging.

  2. I have recently gone through a similar slump, with life at a frenetic pace. It seems to be passing--hope you see the same soon.
    Your diamond stitching is impressive. You create such heirloom quilts.
    I have been curious about those smaller clips. I may have to try a small pack.
    Look at you in a show with a gorgeous quilt! I have never entered a quilt show--juried or otherwise.
    That was a rather whirlwind trip, and no fabric to show for it, but you didn't come home empty handed, at least.

  3. Your quilt looked fantastic hanging there in the show. I'm sure it was admired by everyone. No fabric? Wow! But you did get a fabulous book. I'm glad you got to make the trip.

  4. Beautiful quilt to have in the show. Congratulations on that. You just HAVE to see your own quilt hanging....that's for sure.

  5. Your quilt looked Gorgeous hanging in the show!
    Congratulations again on a stunning finish to Mountmellick!
    Your Drayton Hall diamond borders are looking quite stunning.
    Those mini clips look like the perfect little notions for this project.
    Wonderful treasures you found at the Quiltmania booth.

  6. I looooove! the border you are making for Drayton Hall. i wish you had shown more of the quilt in the photo. Mountmellick looks fantastic on display in the competition. The quiltmania book you bought looks so interesting. Did you know that this book is a compilation of quilts from the Poos collection? Apparently this is one of the largest collections of quilts around. They also have many chintz quilts which is my fascination. The interesting part is that the Poos Collection is housed and open to the public in Kansas city Mo!!!! I just found this out and will be going there. They are displaying now their red and green quilts found in the book you bought.


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