Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, November 7, 2016

Gone quilting....

Our annual Fall Retreat is now in the memory book - 5 wonderful days of being with quilting friends - sewing, hikes along the many trails, no cooking and the most incredible string of beautiful weather ever - November in the Wisconsin northwoods - 50's to low 60's during the day, 30's at night....amazing!

A fun trip to the nearby LQS - where we met this sister quilter...

While I have returned home with nothing completely finished (had not expected too!) progress has been made on a couple of my long term projects...

The second border to my Di Ford Drayton Hall...

And the start of Border #3...

All the little 9 patch units are done for Lisa Bongean's Settler's goal now is finish this up during the winter - after 3 years there will NOT be a 4th! Time to do it!

Needing to calm the feeling of being a quilter out of control...please tell me I am not alone...

So many projects that need or want to be done...and yet new discoveries are calling...Paper Pieces and their new Dear Jane packets will be arriving starting in Spring, Di Ford's 2nd book will be out and must have. All the new fabric lines being introduced...


Happy stitching everyone...



  1. Your retreat sounds like so much fun. Especially the No Cooking part! I am in the same place, way too many projects started and ones I want to start. You did make progress! That is how I have determined to look at it. Work on projects I want to and enjoy the process, I am making progress.

  2. The lament of all quilters, but especially the ones with lots of hand work! I totally understand your predicament, and I have added knitting to mine as well. I have decided to be thankful that I live my life excited about my next project, and always with something to work on. I would feel worse if all my projects were under control or all finished.

  3. If there is a quilter who feels 'in control' she needs an intervention! I just have to smile at the wonderful jumble of projects in my sewing/quilting space!

  4. Lucky you. What a fun retreat. I had to laugh at the squirrel photo. I admit it. That's me. I'm going to have to get Di's new book too. 2017 is going to be another busy year!

  5. It looks like a wonderful place for a retreat!
    Happy to hear you had a wonderful time.
    Your projects are coming along so beautiful.
    O.M.Gosh... just love that squirrel in the well, I can SO relate!
    It sounds like you have some amazing projects to look forward to in 2017!

  6. I can SO relate to the squirrel photo!!
    That is great progress on the Di Ford borders. And you are already planning the leap to another one! *LOL*
    I had just recently decided (finally) that I would never make the Dear Jane quilt. Then I heard about the paper pieces--even though I don't love the process, I wonder if I would actually make it that way?!?

  7. The retreat sounds so lovely ♥

  8. Sounds like a wonderful retreat! Love seeing your long term projects and reading about your new ones :)

  9. What is your method for piecing the diamonds for your Di ford border? Epp or foundation paper? If you are using foundation paper, do you make rows and then sew the rows together? What is your method for ensuring the points match?

  10. You are so not alone with that out of control feeling. It is fellow quilters like you that confront it and get things together that give me hope for more control. I took a mental health day on Monday and gathered ALL the fabric I've purchased over the last year that was stashed around my house and sorted by color and put it with the rest of the stash. There is still much to do to clear the clutter from my cutting table and sewing area but I'm determined to get back to serious sewing (with my machine) during the Thanksgiving holiday. Retreats always get me so motivated and excited about quilting. My next one isn't until May 2017 but I want to have finished my hand sewn postage stamp top and be working on the applique borders by then. I wish us both success! P.S. I need to learn more about the Dear Jane paper pieces. hadn't heard of those.

  11. Your retreat looks like it was great fun!
    I think multiple projects are a good thing. Depending on how I feel, sometimes I prefer to cut or machine piece, or hand appliqué,'s good to have something ready.

  12. I just had to take three and a half months off from quilting because I had surgery on both of my hands. I couldn't even read my quilt blogs because it depressed me so much. You are not alone. I am obsessed with quilts and quilting and Di Ford and Susan Smith... See? Now back to my fabric.


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