Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Winds of change...

 "It was November, the month of...passionate wind songs in the pines..."
L M Montgomery

Walking is a favorite of mine and not done often enough. However, since November 2 at our Annual Fall Retreat, I have made a concerted effort to walk frequently.

 Month after month since early 2015, our country has seen such disruption that will take a long time to find a common ground and correct the hurts. Being outside, with ones own thoughts can be therapeutic. All week, the weather people have been calling for our first winter storm starting tonight. Should I try to get in one last outdoor walk before changing to the basement treadmill? The afternoon had hovered around 57 with spurts of rain drops and a soft breeze on the cheek...barely enough to ruffle your hairdo. Calling one of my little fur companions, Seana, we set out on the grassy path Mr. Outback keeps mowed in our south field. Three laps around = 1 mile. 
It was very still at the level we walked...hardly a branch moved; the dried and faded goldenrod heads nodded gently and even the silky, white inner seed pods from the milkweed seemed at rest. Last week they filled the air, drifting and spinning about finding new homes. Far above, in the uppermost tops of the pines and poplars, a distant sound grew from the though a great chorus was announcing the approaching storm. I looked up and could see tree tops swaying and touching each other like dancers. The sound intensified and the air around us was filled with the fragrance of distant forests that had 
been collected along the way...
Closer the winds came until they crossed our road and tumbled down to sweep across the path and onto our fields. In the woods, tree branches snapped and hit the ground. Yes - a tree does make a sound when it falls in the forest whether someone hears it or not!

Living in the country for 20+ years has opened my eyes to so much - Nature in all her seasons offers lessons and parallels if we only allow ourselves to be open to seeing and hearing. The winds this afternoon will bring a major drop in temperature and the first snowflakes of the long winter. Changes are in the making. What will the morning bring? What lies ahead? Our faith and knowing goodness surrounds us can guide us even though the road ahead may be icy and uncertain...

From the northwoods, I wish each of you Thanksgiving Blessings...


  1. Such a thoughtful post, Pat.
    Just came in from a dusk walk myself, enjoying nature around us.
    A Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  2. So much to be thankful for Pat. x

  3. I had to smile at that should I try for one last walk question...I was bundled up yesterday against the wind ; it had dropped from 52 down to around 35 within hours and I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't have tried that walk after all :)

  4. Such a wonderful and uplifting post Pat!
    Beautiful words to reflect on for sure.

    Wishing you and your's a very Happy Thanksgiving as well!

  5. You painted a very positive picture. Hope you got back to the house before too much weather happened.

  6. Lovely post and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you,too!

  7. Words as beautiful and inspiring as your quilts! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I adore looking at your blog. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving and happy quilting! ❤️

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, so much to consider on the road ahead of us...Enjoy your walks on your beautiful property.


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