Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Something old...something new...

Wrapping up 2017 by putting finishing touches on a quilt which dates to...are you ready? 1993!! And like every quilt...this one has a story...Back in the day when I had my quilt shop, a group of Hmong ladies would meet to do some stitching for gave them a break from the demands of the home and family and they earned some extra pocket money. It helped to put more samples on display in the! The ladies would chat away and share laughter and we would converse through a translator. Silly me, trying to give stitching instructions to these expert appliquers...
They were very accomplished and very fast, often returning the next day after the meeting with a completed block...
Check out the minute stitches and smooth edges in their applique work...

Well, as life happens, my shop was eventually sold to new owners and those lovely blocks got pushed back - way back into the quilting cave of good intentions...and the years went by - fast forward to 2017...
This is the completed top - I just needed to work on the borders and would you believe, in the project bag were all the original fabric pieces and prepared bias vines...

The pattern appeared in a long ago book by Laurene Sinema - Folk Art Applique...
And, of course, when it comes time for the label, all the ladies will be listed as participants - finally getting the recognition they so much deserve. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to keep notes and record the ladies names. Destined for quilting in this new year...
As for the “something new” - to start off 2018... our Dave and Jena are in need of a new flannel quilt and they requested something modern and in soft tones...this is what they chose...and they really like the quilting design featured in the completed top...(the little graph is my “cheat sheet” to keep my rows organized as this is a large quilt - 90 X 108 compared to the quilt in the magazine which is only about 1/2 that size)

The pattern is called”Positive Direction” in the magazine...because our kids are hoping to build later this year and have so many plans, I am calling the quilt...

And off it will go to be quilted by a LA quilter...with a Hobbs washable wool batt, they will sleep under a very soft and warm quilt...
So I am off and running for the New Year and making a list of 18 in 2018 - hoping it will be a year of more completed projects - I just get scared thinking what else might be lurking in that quilting cave...
Happy stitching everyone!


  1. Well, if this is a taste of what is lurking in the quilt cave, I'd keep digging!! Beautiful--such meticulous work!

  2. Two beautiful projects, so very different and each appealing in a different way. You can almost feel the warmth already in the flannel quilt, it will be wonderfully soft and inviting on a frigid Alaskan night. And those appliques are really special, will this one be a wall quilt?

  3. You beat me! I have one from 2001 that's still waiting to be a Real Quilt. I thought I was the saddest quilter but no. I feel better now lol!! Also, I don't know how many people know that many of the quilts sold in Lancaster County PA as hand made (and you assume by the Amish) but they are actually made by Hmong ladies and they are beautiful!

  4. I recognized the Laurene Sinema design as I made some blocks from the book.....which are not put together in a quilt yet.

  5. Still a very worthy project! Love the fabric you used for the trees in the block you highlighted. Glad you shared the story about who stitched the applique.
    Two very different projects! Fun to mix it up sometimes.

  6. Beautiful. Love the quilts, the fabrics, the colors. Everything about them says, "wrap up with me and keep warm".

  7. What a wonderful story about your applique quilt. I'm so glad you found it in the cave and have it on your list to finish. The workmanship is stunning. Your recent diverse styles make me this of Donnie and Marie Osmond, just a little bit country and a little rock and roll! I'm with you. Your kids are going to love their new quilt.

  8. Wow! What beautiful workmanship. Congrats on finishing this "old" UFO. I especially like the birds in the vine border. Sounds like your kids will really stay warm beneath their new quilt!

  9. So glad to hear you resurrected this 'old' UFO. The workmanship is perfection and I love the bird and vine border. Your modern quilt will certainly keep your kids warm and toasty!

  10. Such a wonderful quilt with a wonderful story! So glad you took notes, and then to have the rest of the pieces right there to finish it. And a very lovely flannel quilt for your kids!

  11. Wonderful quilts,
    How exciting to have a building project in the family.


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