Settler’s Trail quilt

Settler’s Trail quilt

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Powering up...

...after some really wicked storms went through our area on Friday, we have been without power and it just came back on about 1/2 an hour ago.
This year has brought us numerous power outages and our generator has really earned its keep. Living out in the country as we do, without power, we have no water, heat/cooling, refrigeration or potty rooms. A generator is a necessity! 

Our dependable 8000

We don’t get power into all the rooms of the house (seriously considering a much larger, permanent installation of a Generac system) which means my sewing room goes dark for the duration. So if the sewing machines don’t function, out comes the handwork - making good progress on Block #2 of the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt. This one involves lots and lots of little bumble bees floating around the Queen Bee at the top...little legs and antennea are inked in with Pigma Pen...this is just turning out to be such a fun project and a very different approach to applique for this novice...being a fan of back basting to prep for the applique is where I started and now the Rowdy Flat is pretty much freewheeling once the center circles are in place. 

By the way...I was wondering how Mary Lloyd’s original 1850 quilt, which serves as the inspiration for Susan Smith’s delightful pattern,  came to be called The Rowdy Flat Library Quilt in the 21st Century. Searching a map of Australia, there is a town called Rowdy Flat in East Victoria, about 240 clicks northeast of Melbourne. Wouldn’t it be fun to visit! Would love to make a return trip to has been much too long. 

But, I digress...

So...while the electricity is out, what can a person do? There is always the garden that needs attention and with the fresher, cooler air, it is much more comfortable to work outside...

Snow peas need to be picked...

More herbs ready to be dried...

And early blueberries to grab before the birds discover them...

So it goes at Taylorsoutback in mid July...summer days that move so fast and yet feeling blessed to live where I do...

Now that the lights are back on, I am heading to the sewing room to finish up the Cheddarback quilt blocks that came to a halt when we lost power...have 4 completed for July and #5 is cut and prepped...will be nice to have the iron up and running again too.

Have a good week where ever you are and hoping weather in your part of the world stays calm and comfortable.


A recent visitor strolls by my potting shed...


  1. I like that bee!

    I have heard of people I know installing whole house generators. I know nothing about them but seems like one for your home might be a good investment.

  2. it is a real pain when the power goes out - we have a generator too - we actually plug into the diesel generator that is on the motorhome - it does about half the house and we need to run extension cords and do use some things of course - like no stove - but can use microwave if not using much of anything else lol - but better than nothing - love your place so pretty!

  3. I can see why a generator is a must, especially if you have this happen one to many times. Love what your working on and enjoy seeing your freewheeling applique. Looks perfect to me. Hope things cool off soon. It was much better here today. Your garden seems to be thriving. Enjoy your veggies.

  4. Your little bees are just too sweet! A friend who inherited her grandfather's beehives would love them made up into a pillow or little quilt for her baby girl. We've had a few handfuls of snow peas this past week and the blueberries are in full swing now, it's a wonderful time of year to live in the country!

  5. We have a generator we use here on the farm. It's powered by our tractor. Rowdy and Cheddarback look lovely. Your garden looks good too. Happy Stitching!

  6. Your Rowdy Flat is looking beautiful! I have been tempted more than once to start one. I love yours! Your garden is lovely, how do you keep the deer out?

  7. Your appliqué is so beautiful, and fun, little wonder that you are enjoying it. Glad that you have power again.

  8. I LOVE your queen bee! We had some really bad storms here (probably right after you), but we didn't lose power like many in the state. Thankfully you had the generator and some handwork to keep you busy. Just love looking at all the lovelies you are working on.

  9. That is just the sweetest block with those little appliqued bees! Love the name and the fabrics, too. Sounds like you had some pretty nasty storms. We're considering moving to our cabin and a generator is on the list. So glad you have one! Your garden is picture perfect :)

  10. Love seeing your garden and what a awesome potting shed. I've always wanted a shed again (it was 4 houses back that I had one).
    sorry to hear about your power outage. Been there....
    Love those bees on your applique' piece.


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