Settler’s Trail quilt

Settler’s Trail quilt

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Busy as a bee...

And we are into August...oh my...counting down the summer days...
Here at Taylorsoutback, this month means many hours in the garden filling containers with green beans, blueberries, Napa cabbage, peas, a variety of lettuces, carrots, my favorite little Persian cucumbers and waiting for that first ripe tomato...and just have to share my first attempt at growing garlic...waiting for the upper leaves to start falling over before harvesting the bulbs but just had to see what was going on below the soil...this is the first garlic bulb that I checked...doing a happy dance here!

My little herb garden is lush this year compared to 2018 when everything seemed to struggle...drying sage, oregano and lots of thyme in my little microwave set up in the potting shed.  The basils are prolific...not complaining at all! Day lilies are blooming and cutting a few oriental lily blossoms to bring inside sends fragrance drifting across the room. 

The surrounding fields are full of yellow tansy and goldenrod and bumble bees are everywhere...

We were able to take another mini vacation to the UP in Michigan recently and relax a little bit which allowed for some much enjoyed stitching time.
The 2nd block for my Rowdy Flat Library quilt is now completed with its own busy little bees...

The Queen Bee has lots of little worker bees flying in different directions around her and I just had to include some little Princess bees in pink too. The yellow grouping in the corner are 3/8” hexies - the template was included in the pattern. 

What a fun block to work on - can’t wait for Susan Smith to send the next block. 
Finally, just to keep buzzing along with all the other bees, finished the center medallion for a new quilt by Karen Styles. The pattern is in the March-April, 2019 issue of Quiltmania. Piecing it was a challenge for me & the completed unit was pinned to the background prior to appliquéing around the edge. When I was done - oh no! It had shifted about 1/2” so the points did not line up to the 4 folded lines of the square which made it look off center. Got out the reverse sewing tool, cleaned up the threads, repositioned everything, pinned again and this time also thread basted to make sure everything was more secure. That extra step made it work and the circle stayed in position. In addition to all the EPP’ing blocks that go around it, I plan on using this stripe from Di Ford. 

(Oh - and that little gold circle in the very middle?? - Some of those darker green points needed a little cosmetic treatment)  

I think that is about it for now...hoping your days are busy and bountiful too...



  1. Love your header quilt, Pat!
    Your garlic looks wonderful--I have never tried growing it. My garden is very small this year, but I can barely keep up with it.
    You have so many gorgeous flowers!
    The appliqued block is stunning--love the striped fabric for the queen bee, and the princess bees in pink are so cute. Such beautiful work! But those tiny hexies--they make my brain hurt. :)
    That Di Ford stripe is so beautiful. I bought some of it when I spotted it in a local shop, and a friend called the store and bought the rest. I haven't cut into it yet. It will look great with your project.

  2. I didn't realize you could dry herbs in the microwave! I always use my dehydrator which takes hours to do. Lovely applique

  3. Your gardens are almost as pretty as your quilts!

  4. I love seeing what's happening in your garden. Your hard work is paying off both with your veggies and, of course, your applique blocks. Sorry about the unsewing, but seemed an easy fix, thank goodness.

  5. So many wonderful things in this post! Your garlic bulb looks great, the herbs so healthy, and the flowers are gorgeous. Love that lower left lily :) Those little princess bees are just the cutest and the center medallion for your new project is stunning. I think you found the perfect stripe!

  6. I think I may stop by for a lunch time salad. Everything sounds wonderful; and as usual, your stitching is just awesome.


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