Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Monday, November 4, 2019

Life in a suitcase...

Seems like the last month has been lived out of a suitcase! Have just returned from yet another adventure - our annual 5 day Fall Retreat which is all about friends, food and fun and lots of fabric thrown in. I even have one special friend who lives in the southern part of Wisconsin and drives Up North every year to join us bringing along a very large suitcase packed with her quilting projects & a much smaller one for clothes - I love her priorities!
This year, I just could not deal with packing any thing major to work on and had no large quilt projects prepped in advance. So focused on some little handwork items and even then I approached them quite lazily (is that even a word?)

Have you seen Debbie Busby’s new book? (That Patchwork Place) It is really a hit around our neck of the woods. Got one little pillow done and others prepped. Will be back later to show the completed group. 

Managed to finally get arms and legs attached to a pair of Gail Wilson dolls that have been partially assembled for years and really need to be completed...

Next step is tinting the dolls and fabric for the clothing...
Other than that, some slow stitching on my Rowdy Flat Library Quilt - have received Block #3 and my fingers always are itching to work on this when it arrives in the mail from Australia.

So...back to that suitcase thing...and a wrap up on our journey to England and Wales. On the previous post, I left you with a brief tour of our time in Wales. On October 17th, we packed up and left our B & B and headed to Cardiff where the rental car was returned and we boarded the train for the return trip to London. We had reserved an apartment for our 5 day stay and it served as a convenient base to operate out of.

Oh my! London is huge, busy and filled with way too much to see in such a brief stay but we managed to hit some of the high spots despite being in the middle of major Brexit protests which disrupted everything (including public transportation). Add in another important protest against the situation in Turkey and Syria - and it made for some historical and thought-provoking moments. 

We spent most of a day just at the Victoria and Albert Museum - it would take months to take in everything. 
A magnificent Dale Chihuly glass sculpture greeted us as we entered the main area - 

Exhibit after exhibit put us on sensory overload...exquisite artifacts from dozens of countries, displays of china and textiles (sadly, all the quilts are in a separate building for which you need to make an appointment - had we known) and even the mosaic floors we walked on served to keep us awe-struck.

We had a tour of the Churchill War Rooms - absolutely a must! Everything is just as it was when WW II ended in 1945 and Prime Minister Churchill and his staff left the underground bunker. Papers and maps with pins still in place showing the Operation Overlord/D-Day, Churchill’s bedroom (reportedly he hardly ever slept, being riveted on how to achieve victory) and in the next room, his wife, Clementine, who chose a more feminine look.  (Wonder what King George and Queen Mary were thinking while visiting their Prime Minister in his bedroom/sitting area...hopefully the chamber pot was tucked out of sight!) 

The London Pass; the Oyster Card; learning how use The Tube; deciding on which restaurant to eat in - London being a city of multi-cultures and therefore, amazing foods!

Viewing the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London (no photos permitted) and visiting Liberty of London for many memories and so many things yet to see...

It is comforting to be back home again though - I think the suitcase is stored away for awhile...but I have not deleted the British Airways app from my phone...



  1. What an exciting trip. I've never been to London, but it's on the list. Even northern Wisconsin in the fall would be a treat. A little hand stitching just to keep the fingers nimble is the way to spend vacations. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories.

  2. Bowl fillers are so much fun--looks like a good book.
    Love Dale Chihuly's glass art. That is a wonderful one!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. I live it vicariously!

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing time. I quietly visited my sister and her family and listened to all the Brexit stuff on the telly. We visited the V&A last trip four years ago and loved it. I did not know about the quilts in another building and needing an appointment. But now you have me thinking. I might be going again in 2 years to help my sister celebrate her 50th anniversary.

  4. What a fantastic trip! It's so much fun to go and so good to be back home!

  5. Great post. Makes one want to go to London and see some of those wonderful things. Love seeing that you are working on some of your "older" projects. It always feels good to get some of those out of a box and finished (or nearly).

  6. I think you chose well in your projects to take to retreat. It is suppose to be a time to enjoy yourself and it always feels so good to get older projects done. London! Sensory over load for sure. Thanks for sharing some of the highlights. To bad about the quilt museum, maybe next time?

  7. A few years ago, there was a Chihuly documentary on television. Very interesting. I had heard of him but didn't quite understand what he was all about. Certainly creates some beautiful pieces.


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