Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Blank Canvas

The month of January stretches out in front of me like a roll of ribbon that has come undone. The holidays have been observed, more memories made and the last of the decorations have been stored in their containers and moved to the basement. But I just couldn't quite let go completely and have left a few End-of-Day and Deruta ornaments out in the wood bowl.
The spot where the tree stood, freshly cut and decked out, is now bare.

The little dry erase board on the frig is empty - I cannot remember this ever being the case before. Soon it will fill with appointments, events, & get-togethers with stitching buds, but right now...totally blank and waiting...

My desk calendar for the week - also empty...

And the cutting table in my sewing room...good grief! What is going on here???

I think I have entered the Nexus - somewhere between then and now...and what is to come...
It's kind of a nice feeling - I think they call it "lack of pressure." It will be enjoyed for a brief while and then back to for me...I can only deal with a blank canvas for a little is not a natural thing.
Our days need to be occupied...another "barter" project with my friend Chris (more about that later), finishing up a donated quilt top for my guild,  more gifts to complete, get the oil changed in the car, redo the master bedroom closet, dust the interior log beams up in the peak of the great room ceiling...uh oh...feeling that pressure starting to build all my friend, Dee could be time for "a bit of a lie-down."

Not to worry though - I have not totally lost it...that road trip last Tuesday was a real treat with friends. What kind of blogger am I? Forgot my camera...we had a beautiful winter day and drove to Minocqua, stopping at The Quilt Cottage in Hazelhurst right away. It was meant to be...when I started the BTCT project, the background I chose had 7+ yards (trying to be frugal here and go with the stash.) The quilt when complete is a biggie, measuring over 98" X 98" and calls for 11 yards of background. I figured by the time the border was being addressed, there would be a solution to my lack of fabric - such blind faith! Guess who found 7 1/2 more yards of the same background? Like I was meant to be...with room to spare. And a few other pieces in red and green said take me home too...Thinking there just might be enough space in the newly reorganized stash closet...
And if you get up that way - there is a new shop, Around the Block located off of Hwy. 70 heading West out of Minocqua - neat as a pin & a fun place filled with brights - totally different fabric look than The Quilt Cottage.

All for to figure out what to start doing first to fill that blank canvas...
And always take time to stitch...
And GO PACK!!!!!!!!!



  1. What a lot of good reading in this post today, Pat. I love your days unrolling like ribbon, and all the beautifully empty calendar pages, white board and (!!) the cutting table!
    The fabrics are gorgeous, and that floral on top is me, me, me! I can't say just why, but your post today has put me in a very happy mood.

  2. I will root for the Packers as well, because I just found out who the Steelers are playing in the next round, the Ravens! Like your blank canvas. Take a deep breath and we are off into the new year!

  3. Isn't it wonderful to have things organized. I was going to sew this weekend and all I have done is pack Christmas away, organize and clean again. All the kids will be here January 14th and I will be cooking again. I did end up ordering my own cake however. Love that fabric - glad you had such a fun road trip.

  4. Beautiful ornaments. I envy your blank canvas. Wish my sewing/cutting table were that clean. Right now I have too many irons in the fire. I am falling behind on the BTCT, but I guess any progres is better than none. Enjoy your "down" time for however long it lasts.

  5. Congrats to you Cheeseheads! Here's hoping we both win the next two games!

  6. Hi Pat, I just found your blog from BTCT blog. I am curious to know how your blog etc is related to "taylor's outback". Your new blog is looking really pretty.

  7. Hey Pat, I don't' think you need to worry! Ours was a real nail biter! Go Pack!


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