Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Said I couldn't...

Said I wouldn't....said I shouldn't....And I'm in...said I wouldn't jump in on another BOM - but love so much about the Civil War era in relation to quilting and Barbara Brackman is the most knowledgeable lady - well how could a person resist??
If you haven't had a chance to check out her new blog - Civil War Quilts - hop over soon! Three block patterns have all ready been posted and results are coming in fast and furious.
I belong to a quilt history study group - Liberty Ladies, and we exchange squares of fabric most every month. It is your choice based on the topic of discussion and if a specific color has been designated. My stash has grown so beautifully with these exchanges and are just calling out to be put into a Civil War era quilt.

The first two are up -

Catch Me If You Can (top) and North Star (bottom) - not as dark as they were photographed.

Also finished up a smaller quilt top to be donated for one of our guild projects - whereever it would fit in best...the size might be good for a nursing home resident. I will let them decide. The sampler blocks were an ongoing BOM offered by our guild. I stayed within my stash too, pulling from blues and tans.  Wish I had yardage for a border, but nothing seemed to work off the shelves and I need to wrap this up and move on. It will probably be tied with dark blue cotton yarn.

And another applique block is finished for Beyond The Cherry Tree.

I am not setting any land speed records on appliqueing these blocks - have been busy with other things - now on to #5 and the first basket block which will be a nice change.

That's pretty much my days lately - I have grown weary of winter early on and need to make an effort to get out into the world before the cabin walls get much closer.

What do you do when you start to feel isolated and cooped up? Sew some more? Plan a trip? Go shopping? Do you find  yourself craving hi-carb based foods??? Restless? Whatever you do, I hope you

Always take time to stitch...



  1. At least when you get the January doldrums you are productive! I'm impressed, as always, by what you do with fabric.
    Yesterday I was tired of the rain and coerced The Great Dane into the attics for a good clean out. It was most satisfying.

  2. So gorgeous! Civil war quilts will always be close to my heart. I was roped in by the dear jane and still have a couple others on my wish list.......Lately I have been so busy I have wished also for a snow day! I need some quilt therapy.......BTW how bout them Packers!!!

  3. What a fabulous thing to fabrics in your Quilt Club! Sounds awesome!

  4. Girl.....I am so impressed. I can't even begin to sew but my mother-in-law makes quilts all the time. She made my memory quilts...that I blogged about recently. My oldest daughter sews too and is working on her second quilt. I absolutely love quilts but it is a foreign art form for me. I am going to go check out the blog you mentioned and share it with my m-i-law.

  5. You are so talented! I can't imagine myself ever quilting. I can make pillows and simple curtains and that is the extent of my ability, pretty pitiful. My grand sewed quilts and I so wish I had learned.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I admire you to be able to take the winters. I guess I would go stir crazy.
    Have a good week-end, Annette


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