Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A peaceful state of mind...

We have traveled far in the last few days since my last posting and the saga of our truck transmission. From Fort St. John to Watson Lake and on to Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon Territory. Not far from there, I spotted my first grizzly bear ever. With beautiful dark cinnamon fur, the bear peacefully munched on some roadside vegetation. Unfortunately, the drawback to pulling a large 5th wheel, is that you can't just stop on a dime and pull over.  So no photo to share but I will remain ever vigilant.

From there, it was an easy and scenic drive...snow capped mountains...

We have settled in for the night by the shores of Lake Kluane and have taken a leisurely walk looking for interesting rocks (being ever watchful for local grizzlies which are numerous). 

The discovery of this quiet little nook overlooking the lake has brought me such a sense of peace and quietness - listening to the water as it moves against the rocks and the soft sound of the wind...
 I will sign off for now and end with this quote that is posted on the camp office door...

"In God's wildness, lies the hope of the world..."

Certainly, the wildness of this beautiful place brings hope to me...


How often we  search for a place where our hearts and minds can just be calm and at peace with each other...


  1. what a beautiful spot!!
    enjoy and thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

  2. beautiful! I would be watching out for bears too. I saw one in the wild when we went to Yosemite.

  3. Love your travelog and look forward to more pictures and adventures. Judy C

  4. OMG, Pat! Thanks for sharing your adventures and glad you, Mr. Outback and the girls are safe from the bears! We have had black bears in the local Sear stores the past few weeks! Never a dull moment! Take care!! xxoo Nancy

  5. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures. I can here the soft luft, luft of the waves. How wonderfully restful.

  6. I'm so glad to know that the problems were resolved and that you are once more underway in such a beautiful part of our world!

  7. How absolutely blissful.
    Enjoy the peace and quiet of the wild and keep your footstep light.


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