Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Savoring the Alaskan sun.....

Hello from Palmer, Alaska dear readers - the sun is warm on my shoulders and the view of the surrounding mountains tells me I am far from home - yet, somehow, I feel very much "at home" - this being our 4th trip to the 49th State, the rivers, roads and mountain ranges are becoming more familiar. When seeking a particular place, we can say - oh yes, we remember how to get there!

Since our arrival in the Palmer-Wasilla area, we are having an ongoing family reunion with Dave and Jena - sharing dinners and a Sunday "brunch" - driving into Anchorage last Saturday to visit the wonderful Anchorage Summer Market -  here you can see an impressive array of locally grown fruits and vegetables - and yes, the cabbages are bigger than a basketball. 

This is what caught my gardening eye -

Aren't they gorgeous - Coral Sunset peonies from EagleSong Family Peony Farm.This is a new marketing venture in the area and I have discovered they ship plants nationwide....trying to get more information and set up an order...sigh...

Once I was pulled reluctantly away from the peony booth, we had to check out the variety of food vendors...Mr. Outback chose Halibut cheeks while the rest of us headed to our favorite Salmon Quesadillas booth - 

ALL of us were very pleased with our choices...
We have also visited the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer -

These are sweet 4 month olds - aren't they cute...
This is Storm - a full grown male...being fed grasses by Mr. Outback...
Apparently, the musk ox were native to Alaska but almost became extinct in the 1800's. They were reintroduced and are doing quite well back on their own turf. The fibers collected from the musk ox are the 2nd rarest in the entire world, with vicuna being in first place. Qiviut ("kiv-ee-ute") is the name for the fur used to knit exquisite hats, scarves and sweaters. It is incredibly soft - like a the farm, all the fibers gathered are sent directly to First Nation knitters at a cooperative. I have found a couple of places in the Anchorage area that also sell the yarn and want to check them out later this week. I might be able to afford enough for a headband...but then how special it would be to wear something made by these gifted artists. For more information, visit

The last two days have been "maintenance days" - oil changes, tire rotations, laundry, groceries...a necessary part of any trip involving an RV. Friday, Jena & I head to Anchorage for an entire day of Girl's Stuff - looking at wedding gowns, a little shopping, a little lunch and lots of wonderful talk and planning...
Following that, we head to Homer and Mr. Outback hopes to replenish our home supply of salmon and halibut - oh yes!! Hikes along the beach and looking for rocks,wildflowers, mountains...good times. 

All for now...



  1. Hubby & I visited the musk ox farm a couple of years ago when we were in AK - such fascinating animals - and their fiber story is so interesting too. I know knitters who salivate over getting some of that yarn to work with. Enjoy your visit.

  2. Gosh, Pat! The peonies are spectacular! The ox adorable! Glad you are having such a good time and the salmon quesadillas!! Wish I could have a bite! Take care. Safe trip wherever you may be going next. xxoo Nancy

  3. You are obviously doing well and need no encouragement to enjoy yourselves.

    Happy Hols!


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