Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Homeward bound....

The idea of a vacation is supposed to include time for relaxing...unwinding...unplugging...

We have certainly done that in addition to some memorable times with our son, Dave and Jena, our sweetheart of a future daughter-in-law. Shared breakfasts, lunches and dinners (and unfortunately, sharing the nuisance of annoying colds that we came down with - but all 4 of us seem to be recovering)

Tried my hand at halibut fishing - let me tell you, there is a reason why that is a pricey fish in the market...hauling even a small halibut up from around 200 feet with a 3 pound weight is hard work! It sure humbled me - and brought home,  very uncomfortably, how arthritis has affected my right hand. But I was able to claim 3 on the hook with one going back into the depths to grow larger. Two is the Alaskan limit per person on any given day. Mr. Outback & I had four and then he went out again a couple of days later to land 2 more. They will be shipped home when the weather turns cold...which according to reports from home might not be for a while.

Jena and I spent a day together in Anchorage - this future mother-in-law had not been into a bridal salon for many, many, many about 1966?? My, oh my, - how things have changed!! 

Selection, decisions, accessories, decisions, veils, shoes, decisions - what a fun time we had - photos were taken of the bride-to-be in various gowns to send back to Jena's Mom in Wisconsin. No final choice yet - but a definite idea as to the style and look she wants. 

Next stop was a lunch of freshly made crab cakes at Phyllis's in downtown Anchorage and then with happy tummy's - off we went to find The Quilted Raven. It did not take long to decide on yardage of heavenly, softly colored, easy is that!! Jena & Dave favor quieter, more natural colorways - and there is a definite leaning towards soft blues & uncomplicated designs.  This is the fabric she chose -
For the quilt top - 

 For the backing - so very Alaskan - whales!

I plan to start this after Christmas - only if I can keep my hands off of it...well, maybe a little prep work - cutting strips...maybe piecing a couple of trial blocks...

The grandeur of the mountains we have left behind has given way to rolling fields of newly cut hay and herds of cattle - The Canadian Rockies are off in the distance...

We have arrived in Cochran, Alberta and tomorrow will go through Customs prior to entering the US - there are many boxes of cool Alaskan and Canadian air which we have packed away - hoping the officials allow us to bring them home, the temperatures are in the upper 80's and 90's so I know this gift will be appreciated!

All for now dear readers - have a good holiday weekend and if you are on the road like us, wishing you safe travels.

....along the Cowboy Trail in Alberta Province, Canada


  1. What a wonderful trip you have had. I hope those memories stay with you for a very long time.

  2. Sounds like a GREAT trip! Definitely great fabric :)...

  3. Alwayske time to take a refeshing trip and it sounds as though you have!!!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  4. So wonderful that you have had such a rewarding and restful trip. Being involved in the wedding preparation is just the icing on the cake. Now back to the world of "what's on our agenda today". Take care dear friend. JudyC

  5. sounds like you really are having a busy and fun time!
    Love the whale fabric, that will be great.
    We're hitting the road to Illinois on sunday -
    safe travels to you

    ps your beautiful bird pincushion was the centerpiece at a recent luncheon at my house. It had many admirers - thanks again!

  6. What a fabulous time you must have had, dear Pat! Hope everything goes well on your return. xxoo Nancy

  7. I've been following your travels on Facebook - so nice to read along. It makes me almost feel like I am there with you! Hope we can spend some time together when you arrive home. Chris


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