Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Celebrating 91 years...

A peaceful day, a good day, a gentle day...having Mom spend her 91st birthday with us here at home. A day away from the nursing home...

Filled with her favorites...

Flowers to brighten her room...

BLT's for lunch, freshly brewed coffee, a chicken and wild rice casserole for dinner...

Pineapple upside down cake for dessert....

While snowflakes danced outside, simply sitting by the fire, talking, and always...more "remember when"....

While I finished the last few inches of binding on her birthday wall hanging - she understands a daughter who sometimes runs a tad close on timing:-)

Mom loves anything with cardinals & I was at a lost for something in the way of a gift...found this applique pattern that did not have a Christmas holiday theme which many cardinal quilts do. It is now hanging on the wall next to her bed - hopefully to add another touch of comfort - (we periodically go through times when Mom's thinking processes tell her that "someone is taking my things" and I end up having to bring personal items home - so fingers crossed as to how long the cardinal will stay put!)

A good day...a precious be treasured...




  1. Enjoy!! This is a memory making weekend!! Lucky you!

  2. You paint a beautiful word picture of this special day with your Mom.
    Lovely wall hanging, too!

  3. What a special, beautiful day. Happy birthday to your mum. X

  4. What a lovely post for you and your mom. She's as cute as can be and her new quilt is bright and cheerful just like your day.

  5. Oh....I know all about those "things that disappear" in a nursing home. I sure hope this one stays put as it is beautiful and your mom will certainly enjoy it each day. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit. Each day is precious. Thank you for sharing your mom with us today.

  6. Such a lovely thing to do for your mum's birthday. I imagine that the wall hanging will brighten her room beautifully.
    My mum is at the same stage. Things really do disappear from her room - so sad. I don't now what to do about it, as reporting it has no impact.

  7. Happy belated birthday to your Mother!
    Such a wonderful picture of her with that beautiful Cardinal quilt you made for her.

  8. A wonderful gift. So nice she is close by and you could spend a special day in your home. The quilt is lovely.


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