Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Family Bible....

Last year I posted about being the Keeper of the Quilts here and here...

As each one was examined closely, it opened up more and more family ancestor research...and more questions...and remembering that among the other Estate items no one had claimed was The Family Bible. The lawyer handling the estate did not want to release the Bible to outside sources because there was quite a bit of personal information inside. I contacted her and she was greatly relieved that a family member was offering to take it and so now - I have become the Keeper of the Family Bible.

Little did I know what would be revealed upon receiving it...

It is heavy! It is fragile...and the Scripture is set in such a beautiful way -

Presented by my Great-grandfather, to my Great-grandmother, in May of 1885, about 5 months after their marriage.

They were married on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1884...

The Bible was printed by the John E. Potter Company of Philadelphia. They were noted for creating a number of versions of these huge Bibles which also contained much history, maps and illustrations. There are gilt edge pages and lithograph prints using gold powders to enhance the backgrounds. It is though the pages are lit from behind. The colors are deep and rich. 100's of engravings are reproduced from originals by French artist Gustave Dore .
Tucked in amongst the delicate pages were dried and pressed flowers from long ago - a rose, a violet and what looks like hydrangea petals. Old photographs of my ancestors - names unknown but treasured, never the less. I love seeing the period clothing on the children.
A receipt from a Spring gardening order my Great-grandmother made in the early 1900's - 3 plum trees and 2 rose bushes for the grand sum of $1.50 - to be collected on delivery.
Old poems and newspaper clippings that someone thought to save...

A report card, dated June, 1900 - for my great-uncle...I smiled to myself when seeing he struggled with arithmetic - as I always have. But then saw his Deportment (a word we never see anymore!) was at 80% which was considered Satisfactory....he eventually attended Seminary and was ordained Reverend John Earl Oliver.

A hand written letter with dozens of names - link after link to research now and find a connection....glimpses into the past of long departed family.

All this saved in a Bible which gives proof of how strong and important their faith was in God and their love for each other.

Blessings to each of you, dear readers...




  1. What an heirloom! I am so glad that you have this in your possession now, to treasure all it represents.
    I especially love the engravings, and the little bits of history tucked within the pages.

  2. What a treasure to have received that beautifully ornate Bible!
    Amazing, all the wonderful items that were lovingly tucked inside.

  3. What a treasure. You will have a lot of investigating in your future. The bible is just gorgeous.

  4. I envy you that link to your forebearers. The bible looks to be a beautiful heirloom, as well as a precious piece of family history.

  5. What a beautiful treasure. How wonderful to have that window into your family's history.

  6. What an exciting opportunity to connect with your roots and know more about your family.

  7. What a lovely family heirloom! And how wonderful to find all those bits and pieces tucked inside.

  8. What a wonderful family blessing, TO! Have a very Happy Easter! xo


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