Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A patchwork of days...

All of us are now in to...what?...going on 2 months of stay-at-home living...we are learning to adapt, making do with whatever is on hand. Hoping we and all our loved ones remain healthy...listening to constant misinformation, confusion and frequently downright dangerous thinking from so called leaders. What will be the “new normal”?

It is difficult to picture what the coming months will be like, but here at Taylorsoutback, our days try to keep some semblance of normality. As the month of May approaches in northern Wisconsin, it usually means the opening of fishing season, the sound of grouse drumming in our woods and a delightful array of ducks visiting our pond. Grass bursts into a brighter shade of green overnight from frequent rains and spring peepers announce their reawakening in the evening hours. 

Our son has shared his learning experiences with his new drone - we can now see directly above how our resident Mrs. Goose has built her nest and lined it with down to protect the eggs.

In the early evening, he flew the drone above our house and captured this interesting image...that bright pink dot showing, is my grow-lights shining out from the sunroom windows...

The gardens are coming to life and those same indoor grow lights have given me a headstart. Bunches of special order onion plants have arrived and baby pak choi seedlings are anxious to go into the ground... 

In the basement, 4 new windows for the potting shed are being prepped - the old ones have served their purpose long enough.

Baking (stress baking?) and new recipes in the kitchen get a trial run. Any shopping is done lighting, bathroom rugs, books, whatever is needed - we are in replacement mode right now - after 24 years, the house calls for more attention.

And in the evening, stitching continues on Rowdy Flat...

The last of the applique blocks begins...

Thank goodness for patchwork - it sure makes these days easier to negotiate.

What are your patchwork days like? 

Stay well everyone and be safe. 



  1. stress baking is right LOL - I have some of that going on here too. and you are right in your statement of our so called leaders

  2. Yes, it does sound like spring is on its way. What a great photo from the drone. You live in a beautiful area. Maybe that grow light can be seen from the International space station. Enjoy your time. It seems like you're getting quite a bit accomplished. My patchwork days are keeping me busy. But to be honest, I'm even getting a little bored with all this sewing time. Never thought I would say that.

  3. These are crazy times indeed. Looks like you are well on your way to a gorgeous garden. Love the glow of the grow light in the photo! Your Rowdy Flat is so gorgeous. What an inspiration! Stay safe and healthy.

  4. I have admired the Rowdy Flats desgn for a good while. I don't think I could get all those little squaes to look as nice asours.

  5. Yes, thank goodness for patchwork. I have my studio and my guy heads to his shop. That's how we still navigate the evenings together. We count our many blessings daily. I'm working through older starts and doing a lot of hand work these days.

  6. I never have remembered to get my seeds sprouted in advance. I am impressed with your healthy seedlings!
    Sounds like you are not having any trouble keeping yourself busy at home.
    Rowdy Flat is incredible! Love it, Pat!!

  7. Drones certainly capture images that are truly amazing. Your property looks like the perfect hideaway. Such healthy seedlings for your garden. And I love those Rowdy Flat applique blocks. So beautiful!


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