Sunset - June 2, 2020

Sunset - June 2, 2020

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Remembering Di...

Joining in with the thousands of quilters around the world who are paying tribute to the amazing Di Ford-Hall who passed away 2 days ago after a long battle with a rare form of leukemia.

We are blessed with people who come into our own lives, however briefly. But they leave such an impression on us with their graciousness, smile and inspiration. Di was one of those individuals. First in 1994 when I was on a tour of Australia...just outside of Melbourne, we were hosted by the wonderful Waverly Patchworkers. Our group enjoyed a lovely luncheon, show and tell and sharing and the very next day, we met again to visit the Healesville Sanctuary (a park housing a wide variety of Australian wildlife). Di and her friends were part of that visit. Afterwards, we all went up to the nearby Badger Weir Picnic Area where dozens of coolers were brought out filled with different foods. With the Australian spring just beginning to emerge, the day was chilly and I remember the warmth of the pumpkin soup from a thermos as we shared a picnic table...

Di (on left in navy coat) with friends...September, 1994 

We both owned quilt shops back then and chatted about fabric...little did I know how much meeting her would influence my quilting later.

Fast forward ahead to 2017...Shipshewanna, Indiana - a very special workshop sponsored by Gay Bomers of Sentimental Stitches...
The class room was filled and yet Di took her time to visit each one of us as we selected fabrics - her input and approach was gently given and we took everything she said to heart. 

(Yep - I look like a “deer caught in the headlights!)

There have been 2 quilts completed since 2015 - the first was the Quiltmania Mystery Quilt designed by Di (2014-2015 issues)


And finished in 2017, Drayton Hall - EPP’ing to the max! This quilt hangs on our bedroom wall and I wake up to it everymorning...

My quilting library is so much the better for having both her books (and signed) as well as a third book - Labors Of Love (Secret Sewing Sisters of which Di was part of that group) There is a large basket in my sewing room filled with her Andover fabrics...
I will continue to embrace Di’s philosophy - more fabric - more variety...each piece a treasure, especially the ones she designed.

She will be deeply missed...


  1. I have only one of her books - I so hoped she would have a recovery - so sorry that you have lost a friend.

  2. What a lovely post sharing your experiences. You were very fortunate to have shared some time with Di. Her books and fabrics have definitely influenced me.

  3. Oh how she will be missed. Your quilts are lovely and you are so fortunate to have actually met her in person. May she rest in peace.

  4. She changed my quilting in every way and re-started my love of quilting.

  5. Sadly, I saw the news of Di's passing yesterday and had to say that I found it hard to believe. She was such a strong influence for me despite the fact that I never met her. Your story is touching and helps reinforce the person that I imagined her to be. May we all aspire to be that generous and creative. RIP Di.

  6. What a beautiful tribute Pat. So glad you met such an inspiring quilter and woman.


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