Note to self

Note to self

Sunday, February 7, 2016

February SAL...

...How perfect...Aunt Reen is offering a well timed SAL for February - often a snowy month for those of us in Wisconsin. Beginning today, February 7th, Doreen will post instructions for The Big Leap! Every Sunday throughout February, new directions will be posted on her blog. I love that we will have a completed quilt top by the end of the month (this being a Leap Year with an extra day).

We are using a jelly roll and 5 1/2 yards background for the large quilt or a partial jelly roll and 3 1/2 yards background for the smaller lap size.

I have decided to go with the smaller size and hopefully add borders - here is why!

About 2 - 3 years ago, I won this gorgeous jelly roll from Barbara Brackman - the collection is Lately Arrived From London.

My background, from our LQS, is P & B Textiles Bella Suede - isn't it well named? Soft, subtle and oh so lovely. Just a hint of floral design...

After winning the jelly roll, I added some yardage from the same collection - among the pieces on my shelf is this butterscotch pillar print which is calling out to be used in the border - problem? Only 2 yards - what was I thinking? I believe I have found 2 sources for additional yardage - hoping the quilting fairies are looking out for me! (Note to self - buy a minimum of 3 yards in future)

So that is the plan - and now off to start cutting - the February clock is ticking - good thing this is a Leap a quilter's world, an extra day really helps!



Sunday, January 17, 2016

Two years ago.... a galaxy, far, far away called Taylorsoutback...I decided to jump in with other quilters and begin appliqueing the first of 25 reproduction blocks that made up the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt (c.1848) In case you are not familiar with this particular quilt, one block was offered each month by Gay Bomers of Sentimental Stitches and Brenda Papadakis of Dear Jane.

In December we received the final 2 blocks. The pattern for the borders had been downloaded previously. Everything has been filed in this binder - it helps to keep me focused.

These are my final 5 blocks which were not posted about before.

And here are all the blocks completed and sewn will finish to 100 x 100 and go on our king size bed...

The first border is marked for back basting and soon I will begin there...

Border strips cut and waiting...

This is what is left of 2 full bolts for background & blue and original 3 yards of the red.

I continue to learn about applique and also about appropriate fabrics. As much as I love the red chintz (Portobello Market by 3 Sisters/Moda) the thread count/heavier cotton made for some squirrely needle turning. However, I wanted a random, vintage fabric look, so think that it worked out okay.

Next time I post about this, hopefully it will be to share a finish -

Meanwhile, taking a break and doing some more quilting on Beyond the Cherry Tree - would love to have it wrapped up later this year...besides it is cozy when the outside temperature sits at -0 during the day...

Wishing each of you hours of happy stitching...



Saturday, January 2, 2016

Quilting with grins and giggles...

Needing to take a short break from a couple of long term projects...

So, here come the grins and giggles....knowing our Dave and Jena are fans of all things Minions...this was a very fun, quickly done, utility quilt - perfect for car travel or just curling up on the couch with Kodi - their 80# Golden...finished in time to mail off in their Christmas box

Did a darker blue flange next to the striped binding....
It was a first for me - never having done a "panel quilt" before...found myself grinning throughout the whole process...even though not overly fond of all that orange:-)

Then in the November-December Quiltmania - this retro pattern - the little rv and the long boat of a car - so early 1970's!

...Just about the time we gave up tent camping and went to this...1973?

Camped up in the mountains of North Georgia

My heart said - a must do! One of my long time quilting friends said -" yes, you must but it is out of your comfort zone a bit!"

Off to the quilt shop to buy fabrics with a touch of glitz - certainly not a normal part of my stash...more grinning going on...homeward bound and thinking - dare I do machine applique instead of hand?? Go for it! All this just before Christmas?

Obviously, it did not get completed in time for 2015 - but now it feels good to know it will be ready for Christmas, is a dark green like our station wagon.

Getting set up to do some easy free motion quilting - a touch more glitz? A light gold metallic thread? Add a tiny red bow to the wreath and little red buttons to the Christmas tree? Grins continue...

I keep thinking of how far we have come since those earlier times of simplified camping. That 14' Shasta (note the trademark silver wings on the back) had no heat source, water came from a manual hand pump, no refrigeration or indoor we pull a 34' foot 5th wheel, complete with fireplace, tv and queen size bed. Sometimes I miss that little 14 footer - could turn it into a "glamper" like this lady did...

....then indoor plumbing? Maybe not!

Hoping your New Year is filled with many grins and giggles too...


PS - You may have seen this announcement elsewhere - If you have a Non-Google account to follow my blog, you must sign up with Google before January 11 and establish an account with them - it is free and easy to do. Then refollow my blog or any other blog you wish to continue following. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New blog look?

Well - It would be nice to freshen up my blog's appearance - looking quite tired and drab. However, Blogger is not working for me and I am unable to change anything other than photos. Trying to go with different colors - background, text, etc. Nothing changes even though when working with the customization feature in Design the "apply to blog" button indicates it is working. But no new changes are evident.

Since I primarily post using Blogsy for my iPad, have been trying to make these changes using my older PC laptop. There has been virtually no response from Blogger regarding my query and apparently this problem existed for many a while back. However all those forum discussions are closed now and I cannot locate any further solutions.

Any thoughts or feedback from you, dear readers, would be greatly appreciated.

Any one else having similar problems?

Thank you for any help!!



Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas blessings.... each of you - may 2016 be a year filled with new energy, health, and a return to calmness in our world.



Friday, December 4, 2015

A gentle afternoon...

....such a gift at this time of year in our part of Wisconsin. Here it is early December and the temperature reads 46....sunshine, a little snow carpets the walking path as we gather greens - balsam & long needle pine. I don't take for granted living on 40 acres, that a stroll outside brings me an endless supply of fresh cuttings. Our fur babies run around in circles, falling over each other and scoop mouthfuls of snow with their tongue as they follow me out to the potting shed. How convenient it is to have the necessary tools, floral wire and a wide work space to assemble simple swags. And especially warm enough to do so without frozen fingertips!

Two bundles - for our two side lights on the garage and another bundle to be placed on my old sled by the driveway (goodness - that sled must be an antique now considering my age)

Have been doing some secret sewing and can reveal one item which was given out yesterday at our Liberty Ladies quilt history study group.

From Lorraine Olsen's book Little Lone Star Quilts....she has a great and unique method for paper piecing small quilts.

I chose cheddar and some of the fabrics that our group has exchanged over the years - the little quilt finished to about 22" square. Too late I noticed the border fabric had definite direction in the print - but at the 11th hour, it has to remain.

As we opened gifts, this was the treasure I brought home...also a piece filled with memories of previous exchanges and including conversation prints - dear to my heart.

Now as the sun sinks lower on the horizon - 3:00 on this gentle afternoon, I can get back to the next gift which must be completed soon. As the sewing machine hums along, my mind will be going over preparations for my brother's arrival in 2 days and getting ready for next weekend when we have the Celebration of Life for our Dad.

Wishing each of you gentle times.



Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving - 2015

With our world in such an upheaval and filled with uncertainty, it may seem to take a little longer when we count our blessings...but I recently visited Nana's blog and it brought everything back into balance. I hope she doesn't mind my using her idea of posting the following -

May Thanksgiving Day and all the days that follow be filled with blessings for each of you.